Love Island will deliver all the summer fashion inspo you need!

“Crochet all day is where it’s at.”
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As a lot of Australia emerges from lockdown and returns to dressing normally for the first time in months, we’re looking for summer style inspiration wherever we might find it.

WATCH BELOW: First look at Love Island Straya Season 3

Luckily, Love Island ‘Straya is returning to our screens tonight, bringing with it the excitement of warmer weather, and plenty of summery, holiday-style inspiration.

Whether we’re headed out to brunch, returning to pubs, or keeping it simple with a picnic, the new Islanders will give us a helping hand with how to dress.

“I definitely think our audience will look to this group of people to see what’s current, and what’s new, and what’s cool,” Executive Producer Chloe Baker told WHO.

“Love Island is bright, there’s lots of fluoro colours, so we like to try and theme the clothes to the villa as well.” (Credit: Nine)

“The villa is arguably one of the most beautiful and best places to fall in love in the country, and Love Island is bright, there’s lots of fluoro colours, so we like to try and theme the clothes to the villa as well,” Chloe explained.

The official partner of Love Island, Showpo, is well-known for bright and fun pieces, making them the perfect match to aid the costuming of the series.

We sat down with Showpo’s CEO, Jane Lu, to discuss the upcoming trends of the season and what we might expect to see on Love Island, and then on the beach this summer.

Love Island UK winner Millie Court embodying 70’s glamour girl. (Credit: Instagram)

70’s Glamour Girl

“I think this year is all about that 70s-trend glamour and like fun, feminine prints and really bright and bold colours, and colour clashes,” Jane revealed.

The 70’s has seen a revival of late, with flared pants, small tops and an overall ‘bohemian’ vibe returning to a lot of online retailers.

“Crochet and knit tops and dresses as well, which is continuing on from last summer. Crochet all day is where it’s at,” Jane added.

(Credit: Showpo)

Angeline Retro Wide Leg Pants in Tonal Wave, $69.95, from Showpo AND Angeline Retro Multi Tie Top in Tonal Wave, $59.95, from Showpo

(Credit: ASOS)

Topshop 70s Floral Jersey Mini Dress, $72, from ASOS

(Credit: Princess Polly)

Nellie Mini Dress Pink Multi, $65, from Princess Polly


It’ll be no surprise to any Love Island officianado that the contestants spend most of their time in swimwear.

So, what can we expect bikinis to look like this year?

“We’ve got really interesting necklines in swim this year … a one-shoulder neckline, a really rich metallic and bright hue,” Jane explained.

A continuation of the 70’s trend has also meant a lot of crochet in swimwear as well:

(Credit: Showpo)

Recycled Nylon Ellie Bikini Top Orange & Pink, $55, from Princess Polly AND Recycled Nylon Ellie Bikini Bottoms Orange & Pink, $35, from Princess Polly

(Credit: Princess Polly)

Kiawah One Shoulder Swimsuit with Waist Cut Out in Olive, $64.95, from Showpo

(Credit: ASOS)

ASOS DESIGN Crochet Lace Up Bikini in Ivory, $19.80, from ASOS, AND ASOS DESIGN Crochet Lace-Up High Leg High-Waist Bikini Bottom in Ivory, $14.40, from ASOS

Summer trends

There’s plenty more to look forward to outside the realm of swimwear, though.

“Low, plunging necklines, a lot of really interesting strap features – tied around the waist, around the neck, which are really sexy,” Jane said of the over-arching trends.

“A lot of two-piece sets, too – they’re a huge trend!”

There’s nothing more convenient than a two-piece set, so here are some of our favourites to get you started:

Crochet all day! (Credit: Showpo)

Cappadocia Crochet Halter Top in White, $59.95, from Showpo AND Cappadocia Crochet Midi Skirt in White, $79.95, from Showpo

(Credit: Tree of Life)

Lulu Top, $39.95, from Tree of Life AND Jeanne Skirt, $110, from Tree of Life.

(Credit: Princess Polly)

Marley Set Multi, $90, from Princess Polly

With style-inspo abounding, we can’t wait to keep track of our favourite Love Island looks! Bring on the show, and bring on summer!

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