The ultimate guide to pilates at home

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If the 2020s can be defined by one workout trend, it’s most definitely pilates. Taking over TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram, it’s hard not to be tempted to try the workout every celebrity, stay-at-home mum and everyone in between seems to swear by.

Reformer, mat, barre – the options are endless when it comes to the highly popular exercise, but it’s definitely not the cheapest workout class we could join. 

But a group class is not the only way you can enjoy pilates – you can enjoy the practice right at home! And the best part is that WHO have compiled a complete guide to get you started. 

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What kind of workout is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact exercise method that focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and overall body awareness. Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, it is often described as a mind-body exercise system because it emphasizes the connection between physical movement and mental concentration.

Pilates places a strong emphasis on strengthening the core muscles, including the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and buttocks. Many exercises involve controlled movements that engage these muscles to stabilize and support the spine.

While core strength is a central focus, Pilates also works on strengthening and toning muscles throughout the entire body. It targets both large muscle groups and smaller, stabilizing muscles. Pilates also incorporates stretching and lengthening exercises to improve flexibility and range of motion. This helps to prevent muscle imbalances and reduce the risk of injury.

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A complete guide to Pilates at Home

Pilates equipment 

You can practice Pilates at home with minimal equipment or invest in more specialized Pilates equipment for a more versatile and challenging workout. Here’s a breakdown of the equipment options for practising Pilates at home.


Exercise Mat 

A comfortable, non-slip exercise mat is essential for practising Pilates exercises on the floor. Look for a mat with adequate thickness to provide cushioning for your spine and joints.

Lululemon | The Mat 5mm | $79 | Shop Here

Celsius | Deluxe Fitness Mat 10mm | $49.99 | Shop Here

KAJA Clothing | Non Slip Excercise Mat | $62 | Shop Here


Pilates Ball

A small inflatable Pilates ball can add variety to your workouts. It’s often used for exercises that target the core and provide support for certain movements.

Gaiam | Performance Pilates Ball | $22.95 | Shop Here 

BAHE | Bahe Flowballs Set | $34.99 | Shop Here


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands or resistance loops can be used to add resistance to Pilates exercises, making them more challenging. They are particularly useful for leg and arm exercises.

Lululemon | Resistance Band Set | $79 | Shop Here

BAHE | PTP Flowbands Set | $29.99 | Shop Here

Bala | Bala Bands | $35 | Shop Here


Pilates Magic Circle or Ring

This is a flexible ring with handles, often made of rubber or foam, used to add resistance and engage specific muscle groups during exercises.

BAHE | Bahe Pilates Ring | $39.99 | Shop Here

Bala | The Power Ring | $129 | Shop Here

Bala | The Power Ring Set | $189 | Shop Here


Pilates Reformer

The Pilates reformer is a specialized piece of equipment that provides resistance through a system of springs and pulleys. It allows for a wide range of exercises and is a versatile tool for both beginners and advanced practitioners. 

Your Reformer| YR Studio Bed | $4,195 | Shop Here

Celsius | PR1 Pilates Reformer Set | $2,148.97 NOW $1,748.97 | Shop Here

Celsius | PR1 Pilates Reformer | $1,699 Now $1,299 | Shop Here

Megacore Pilates | Compact Foldable Reformer Set and Accessories | $2,195 | Shop Here

Too pricy? The March Special Buys from ALDI includes a Reformer Pilates Machine for just $299. With adjustable resistance tubes, height settings and the ability to fold for compact storage, it’s a great option for beginners. The Machine will be available at your local ALDI from Saturday, 2 March. Find more details here.


Grip Socks

Grip socks are specialized socks designed for activities like Pilates, yoga, and barre workouts. They typically have rubberized or silicone grips on the soles to provide traction and prevent slipping during exercises. Grip socks can be beneficial for mat-based Pilates, especially if you’re practising on a smooth surface. They help you maintain stability and control during movements, particularly exercises that involve balance or leg work. 

Sweaty Betty | Barre Gripper Socks 2 Pack | $40 | Shop Here

Lorna Jane | Merino Wool Blend Icon Pilates Sock | $35 | Shop Here 

MoveActive | 3-Pack Non Slip Grip Socks | $67.00 | Shop Here


Wrist and Ankle Weights

Wrist weights and ankle weights are adjustable weighted bands that you can strap around your wrists or ankles to add resistance to your Pilates exercises.

BALA | Bala Bangles | $79 | Shop Here

Celsius | 5kg Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights | $46.99 | Shop Here

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