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Go hands-free with these jaw dropping wearable vibrators

Find another way to keep your hands occupied.
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Technology has truly taken over every aspect of our lives, however when it comes to innovations in the sex toy world – we can hardly complain. 

Thanks to remote control toys, we can now enjoy hands free pleasure. 

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Enjoyable solo or for some partnered play, wearable vibrators can do a world of wonders by adding a whole new element to your pleasure times. 

Vibrators that can be popped into your underwear, discreetly worn or used to keep your hands free while you explore elsewhere, are a subtle way to explore and experiment

“A wearable vibrator is really for anyone that wants to have hands-free fun. Wearable sex toys are great for enhancing the sexual experience and satisfaction between you and a partner,” says Lovehoney sex coach Cam Fraser.

“Adding them into your sexual play can be a fantastic way to explore new sensations & expand your erotic menu. For those wanting to introduce a little spice to date night, a wearable sex toy is the hot ticket to fire up dinner and drinks.”

Now, you may be new to the whole wearable and remote controlled vibrator world – so we are taking a look at some of the very best to help you pick if you’re wanting to branch out. 

The best wearable vibrators of 2023 

(Credit: Lovense)

Lovense Quake app controlled vibrator, $224.95, Lovehoney

For long-distance loving, this remote-controlled vibrator can be controlled from anywhere.

“App controlled wearable sex toys are perfect for couples in long distance relationships. Look for vibrators that offer a Wi-Fi option that allows for long-distance use,” advises Cam.

“You and your partner can use the wearable vibrator during phone or video sex sessions to increase intimacy. These really are a blessing as it allows one person to hand over the reins of their pleasure to the other party regardless of not being together physically.”

With three motors for clitoral and g-spot stimulation, this powerful toy offers vibrations you never even knew you needed. It’s also waterproof so you can take this toy in tub with you for some soapy fun. 


wearable vibrator
(Credit: Satisfyer)

Satisfyer 4.3 top secret wearable g-spot vibrator, $89.99 (usually $99.99), Wild Secrets

Enjoy discreet internal stimulation with this wearable vibrator that targets you where you really need it. Use it solo or introduce it to your partner for some secret date night fun. 


(Credit: Lelo)

Tiani 3, $191.20 (usually $239), Lelo

Enjoy discreet pleasure thanks to this handy little toy that can send vibrations internally and externally at eight intensities and a range of vibration formulas. This makes a great toy for partnered play thanks to the wireless control from the remote. 


(Credit: My Ilo)

Remo remote controlled vibrator, $96.85 (usually $149), My Ilo

Ideal for couples, this handy little vibrator is controlled at the touch of a button. With over nine vibrations patterns and a range of frequencies and speeds to experiment with, this makes for a great addition to your next date night. Slip it into your underwear for discreet pleasure on a night out. 


(Credit: Loevhoney)

Lovehoney Rendezvous magnetic remote control knicker vibrator, $56.96 (usually $74.95), Lovehoney

“Noise is an essential consideration for wearable vibrators, especially if you plan on wearing them out in public,” says Cam.

“Many don’t necessarily want other diners knowing that your partner is changing vibration settings every time you take a sip of your drink. A product with a wireless remote control is perfect for these situations as they allow you and a partner to enjoy the sensations without fumbling for buttons. Keeping a naughty secret is always the best when it’s just between you and those in the know.”

This is a rumbly little toy that is extra quiet for discreet pleasure. Held in place through magnetics to allow for confident wearing, this little toy fits into the curves of your body like a dream and can run for up to two hours on a single charge.  


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