Australian Survivor: Luke bitterly disappointed in Pia for voting him out

A devastating moment for the father-of-three
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Last night’s episode of Australian Survivor saw fan-favourite Luke Toki fall at the final hurdle and voted out of the competition in a ruthless and heartbreaking showdown.

The father-of-three left fans devastated as he was unanimously voted out by his three remaining tribemates.

Actress Pia Miranda, in particular, was hit with fierce backlash over her decision to vote out her last remaining ‘champions’ ally.

WATCH: Survivor viewers turn on Pia after Luke Toki voted out

“I was in two minds,” Luke said of his feelings towards Pia after the vote.

“I was exactly the same as her, I was trying not to put too much pressure on her thinking that she maybe might make the right decision.

“But I think that she said, the way I was talking in tribal, I was speaking quite well that she was… it was just the tipping point to say, well I can’t sit next to this guy who can talk this well.”

Speaking to 10 Daily, Luke described how he begged Pia to let him stay.

“She could have then not written my name down on the parchment and I’m telling you if I went to fire, I would have blown Baden out of the water.

“That’s one thing I was good at. I was good at fishing and I was good at fire. I tried to play it down a little bit but I could start fire from the tip of my fingers,” he explained.

However, Luke explained that he doesn’t hold against Pia for her sneaky move.

“I’m in Pia’s corner. You’ve got to separate the game from the emotions and we’ll have to wait and see if this pays dividends for her.”

However, fans were left outraged by the Aussie actresses decision.

From the start of the competition, Luke was extremely vocal about his desire to use the $500,000 prize money to help his three children. Both Luke’s sons are on the autism spectrum and his baby daughter – born just six weeks before Survivor started filming – has cystic fibrosis.

In a mass outpouring of support, 31 GoFundMe pages have been set up to raise money for Luke. More than $85,000 has already been raised.

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