MAFS Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer clash over OnlyFans joke

Even Bryce Ruthven is getting involved now.
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Just when you thought the drama from season nine of Married At First Sight had come to an end, Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer have clashed again over a new OnlyFans jab.

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On Sunday, Domenica publicly hit back at former co-stars Olivia and Daniel Holmes over a joke they made on Instagram that appeared to reference her history on OnlyFans.

As MAFS viewers will remember, the pair butted heads during filming after Olivia discovered Domenica’s OnlyFans account and showed it to their castmates.

Their ongoing feud was reignited over the weekend when Olivia shared a photo of herself at a restaurant with a paper bag over her head that read “Subscribe to my OnlyFans (I need the followers)” in an apparent dig at Domenica.

Daniel was in attendance at the restaurant and also shared the photo to his Instagram.

Olivia and Daniel shared snaps of the paper bag bearing an OnlyFans joke. (Credit: Instagram)

Hours later, Daniel addressed angry viewers who slammed him and Olivia for their ill-received joke.

“To all the crazies messaging me about this. We went to a restaurant called @karensdinerofficial where the theme is rude service jokes etc.,” he explained.

“One of those jokes the staff did was to come up and put this over @oliviafrazer’s head. It was a funny thing that none of us had any part in, chill out.

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“Not like we had a party dedicated to bullying another or anything,” he concluded, referencing Domenica’s MAFS finale get together.

At the party in April, Domenica and fellow co-stars Ella Ding, Jack Millar, Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins wore “my body, my choice b–ch” shirts to hit back at Olivia’s comments about her OnlyFans account.

Following Daniel’s explanation, Domenica shared screenshots of her response to him in his DMs.

“Funny? I call it delusional. And to continually perpetuate I had a hate party is disgusting,” Domenica messaged Daniel.

Domenica “hates” that she still has to address comments like this. (Credit: Instagram)

“A few snippets of a night where I showed emotion towards a person who caused me a lot of hurt doesn’t count as a hate party. Get your facts straight before you keep spewing venom out your a–.”

Domenica then took a screenshot of her exchange with Daniel and shared it to her own Instagram Story, adding: “I’m at a point now where no matter what I do, this s–t follows me.

“I don’t follow these people, it lands in my DMs and I have to know about it. Stop posting about it, stop talking about it. It’s over and I’m done with it.”

The saga then took an unexpected turn when MAFS season eight star Bryce Ruthven got involved.

Daniel shared screenshots of a message he received from Bryce. (Credit: Instagram)

Daniel shared screenshots of a message he received from Bryce, where the father-of-two claimed Domenica had previously sought his advice over having a “villain” edit.

“You should just say just like you didn’t message Bryce asking how to make the most of being the villain because she thought she was going to be.. I have the messages,” Bryce told Daniel.

However, neither man shared screenshots of the alleged DMs from Domenica.

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