Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer debuts a bold new look!

Bye Bye Blonde!
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New year, new Olivia?

The outspoken Married At First Sight Australia star has debuted a new look on her Instagram, revealing that her long blonde locks are gone, and have been replaced with an edgier hairstyle.

Watch Below: MAFS’ Olivia Frazer shows off her post-breakup transformation

Not only did the colour go from blonde to brunette, but Olivia Frazer also decided to embrace the shorter hair trend, as she had a substantial amount of length cut off.

Olivia took her Instagram followers along for the ride on her hair makeover journey, posting stories of the process across the day.

“Just walking over to my hairdressers to get my hair done,” she announced in a video posted before her tresses were modified.

“It’s going to be a big change, so I can’t wait to show you guys!”

Olivia Frazer
Then (left) and now (right) (Credit: Instagram)

A month later in mid February, Olivia changed things up again, dying her hair an ever darker shade of brown, telling her followers that she was ”literally obsessed” with her new colour.

”I’m so obsessed with how shiny it is,” Olivia said on her Instagram stories after getting home from the hair salon.

”Yeah, the dark side is difinently where I’m going to. I’m going to stay for a long time.”

Olivia Frazer
Olivia is definitely pulling off the new look! This time, it’s a new shade of brown…. (Credit: Instagram)

Whilst some may think that the 29-year-old’s dramatic new look is in response to her recent split from her British boyfriend Will Mitchell, Olivia has taken to her Instagram stories to explain the real reason behind the hair transformation.

When asked by a follower what made her go brunette, the MAFS star responded, “my hair was feeling really unhealthy and I love looking a bit more natural.”

But she then followed that up by explain the shorter cut in quite a pointed way, “I cut it because 2023 is the year of cutting dead ends out of my life.”

Olivia Frazer
Olivia documented her hair makeover on her Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

But 2023 might not only bring new hair for Olivia, but also a podcast.

Whilst answering questions about her hair on social media, a follower wrote to Olivia asking her to “start a poddy.”

“Hehe I want to,” was her response, followed by her tagging in her managers to help “work that out”.

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