MAFS Mass Exodus: Sam dumps Ines and Bronson and Elizabeth quit the show

The affair blew up in all of their faces!
bronson norrihs
Bronson finally wanted out.
Channel 9

There was a mass exodus on Married At First Sight on Sunday.

 After Sam Ball and Ines Basic’s affair was exposed to the group, the 26-year-old dumped his secret lover in front of all the other couples at the commitment ceremony.

And as the controversial couple chose to leave the show under a cloud of shame, their original partners Elizabeth Sobinoff and Bronson Norrish also quit.

When asked if he sees a future with Ines by expert John Aitken, Sam responded: “It’s hard… Ines wants this long term commitment from me and from the short time that we’ve spent together I can’t guarantee that.”

Sam then revealed that if he could re-live his time on the show, he would not have accepted his first direct message from Ines, which led to their affair.

MAFS Elizabeth and Sam
Sam has some regrets. (Credit: Channel 9)

After then expressing his wish to leave the show, ‘wife’ Elizabeth also agreed it was time to go.

“I don’t mess with drama and I don’t mess with you,” said Elizabeth to Sam while holding up her card to leave.

“I really came in here wanting to give it a go but I don’t feel I’ve really even had the opportunity to start a relationship.”

Elizabeth refuses stay on the show. (Credit: Channel 9)

Likewise, Bronson also decided to walk away along with Ines.

“This has definitely tested me,” said Bronson of his experience on the show.

“I guess Ines didn’t lie to me, but she didn’t tell me the truth.”

bronson norrihs
Bronson finally wanted out. (Credit: Channel 9)

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