The Bachelor’s Matty J and Laura Byrne suffered a miscarriage before she fell pregnant

The Bachelor lovebirds and soon-to-be parents can’t wait to meet their precious bundle of joy
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Congratulations are in order for The Bachelor’s Matty Johnson and Laura Byrne who are expecting their first child together, due in 2019.

Chatting to WHO, Byrne, who suffered a devastating miscarriage in June, says she is ecstatic.

“We’d only been trying for a couple of weeks when I noticed I felt exhausted and in the mornings a little queasy,” Byrne explains of her early stages of pregnancy.

“I didn’t expect to be pregnant so quickly, so I dismissed it. I remember, we were having breakfast at a local cafe but I couldn’t even stomach the smell of the food, and that’s when Matty suggested I go next door to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test.”

When the lovebirds returned home, Byrne took the test.

“I was just so overwhelmed I was in tears,” she says of the moment she realised she was pregnant.

“Matt came into the bathroom and I didn’t have to tell him – as soon as he saw me, he could tell. I then had to make him promise not to
get overexcited and start telling everyone.”

(Credit: WHO)
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