A lasting legacy: Shane Warne’s love for his daughters Brooke and Summer

"We are so proud of you Dad."
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Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne has very sadly passed away, and as many tributes flow for his loss, most of them mention his strong love for his children and his passion for being a dad.

WATCH BELOW: Shane and Summer Warne “Dash City” TikTok

While the world is pretty familiar with Jackson Warne, given his stint on SAS Australia, less is known about his two daughters, Brooke and Summer, who tend to live a little further out of the spotlight.

However, Shane was always one to celebrate his kids on social media, and a deep love for them could be gleaned from his posts and Stories, where he shared many snaps of the girls and wrote gushing tributes for certain milestones.

Brooke was Shane’s oldest child at age 24, while Summer was his youngest, aged only 20.

Shane with Jackson and Brooke at a charity event. (Credit: Instagram)

Shane shared a sweet Instagram Story a few years ago to mark the momentous occasion of Summer finishing high school, which meant all of his kids had finally finished their schooling.

“Wow. What a day!!” he wrote.

“All three of my beautiful children have now completed year 12.

“Which means no more school fees, drop offs, pick-ups and fighting for a car park, parent teacher nights, sport all over Melbourne x3 on the weekends, school plays, events, making lunches, sports gear, blazer and being a taxi – oh and an ATM,” he joked.

“Sort of sad too as they were fun times and will be great memories for all of us.

“So proud of the young awesome adults you’ve become,” he shared.

Shane with his youngest, Summer. (Credit: Instagram)

Shane shared a similar sentiment on Brooke’s birthday in June last year, creating a lengthy Story to celebrate her 24 years.

“Happy 24th birthday to my eldest daughter Brooke!” he began, sharing a picture of them enjoying ice cream together.

“I love you up to the sky and back and am very proud of you every day.”

Further images showed Shane cuddling up to Brooke as they did a number of activities together, like attending a red-carpet premiere, and spending time on the water together.

Shane posted a picture with a young Brooke for her 24th birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

One showed her bowling a cricket ball, and another had them smiling together in London.

Shane is also a regular fixture on his daughter’s social media.

“Cute flick with the father,” Summer once captioned a black and white photo of herself and Shane, grinning.

A snap from 2016 also revealed their pride in Shane after he returned from filming his stint on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

Shane is seen standing with a cake that reads “we are so proud of you dad”.

A cheeky snap posted by Shane to celebrate Brooke. (Credit: Instagram)

Shane was also a regular feature on Summer’s TikTok, where videos of him struggling to lipsync can still be seen.

In the most recent one, he claims jetlag from flying back from Australia, and in others he can be seen posing and laughing while Summer dances, or driving her around in a fancy-looking car, which you can check out below:

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Shane’s love was again reiterated by his ex-fiancée Elizabeth Hurley, who is also mourning his loss.

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, she wrote that she was dedicating International Women’s Day to Brooke and Summer.

“I dedicate this #internationalwomensday to two brave, beautiful women @brookewarne and @summerwarne,” she penned.

I love you both so much and have the happiest memories of our times together. Your daddy loved you with all his heart ❤️❤️.”

She also shared a few images of Shane, herself and the girls.

“Your daddy loved you with all his heart.” (Credit: Instagram)

While Shane clearly loved his daughters immensely, it’s also widely known that he regretted hurting them with some of his actions.

Speaking to Leigh Sales on 7.30 in 2018, he said: “it’s pretty hard to relive some things when you’ve let down your children and your family, embarrassed them at times”.

“To hurt my children who are the most important thing in my life was really tough. The effect I had on my family, on my children – the effect I had on my children was I let them down,” he said.

“And I have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

“My children fill me with laughter, joy, and above all – love.” (Credit: Instagram)

However, his love for them was completely undeniable.

“My children fill me with laughter, joy, and above all – love. I’m so proud of them. It’s difficult to describe the love you have for your own children, but it makes you smile every time you look at them,” he once wrote on Instagram.

“My children are my number 1 priority and always will be. They inspire me to be the best person I can & motivate me on a daily basis. I love being a father (Even if it means saying yes to silly Tik Tok videos 😂😂),” he joked.

“Brooke, Jackson and Summer you inspire me daily and I love you up to the sky and back! ❤️.”

(Credit: Getty)

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