Sophie Monk hits back at rumours she and Stu Laundy have broken up

In a hilarious manner, of course.
Instagram/Channel Ten

Over the weekend, Sophie Monk and her Bachelorette beau, Stu Laundy were hit with claims from multiple news outlets that assumed the couple was no longer an item, and now blonde babe has responded with an honest Instagram video.

In the footage, a mature woman named Jan speaks to the camera before it pans over to Stu who is seated in the background. “Jan, what’s going on?” says Monk.

 “You’re Sophie Monk, I didn’t watch The Bachelorette but my friend told me you were Sophie – I’m very pleased to meet you. But, I just read on my Facebook that it says you and Stu are not together anymore and I’d like to verify that you are.I’ve seen the way you’re behaving.”

Sophie laughed before questioning, “What’s that mean?”

 “Is it inappropriate? Is that what you’re saying?” chimed in Laundy.

“No, I think it’s appropriate what they’re saying,” revealed Jan.

“Thank you!” said Sophie

Watch the full video below!

Of course, the original reports were based on photos which included the new couple who appeared to be in a heated argument.

To be honest, they could’ve been fighting over what to eat for dinner. We wish Sophie and Stu the best!

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