“It sounds awful”: Abbie Chatfield’s relationship secret

The reality TV icon opens up about her romance with Konrad.
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Abbie Chatfield is one busy woman, but despite her many gigs across the media landscape, she’s also maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend of nearly a year, Konrad Bień-Stephen.

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Speaking to Stellar Magazine about the many hats she wears, Abbie admits that being so busy is what helps keep her relationship strong.

“It sounds awful, but I don’t really see him all that much,” she revealed when asked what the secret was to keeping their long-distance romance alive.

“Maybe two days a week. I don’t know if it’s scarcity, but he’s very good at communicating, and so am I.”

The pair also have an open relationship, which means they’re able to sleep with people outside of the confines of the relationship.

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“I’ve never been upset or threatened by someone [I’m in a relationship with] sleeping with someone else,” Abbie explained.

“It’s my kink. I just never really valued monogamy that much.”

Despite this, Abbie’s busy schedule means it’s more often Konrad sleeping with others. Abbie also admitted to “abandoning nights out” because she’s often ambushed by her many fans.

“I have a five-person rule, then I go home,” she told the magazine.

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Konrad and Abbie took up together last year after being introduced by a mutual friend in Byron Bay.

Controversially, the pair were spotted dancing and kissing at a local bar in the area while Konrad was still appearing on the 2021 season of The Bachelorette.

After the dust settled, the pair seemed to grow into a loving relationship, with Konrad moving to Sydney to be with Abbie.

Since launching to fame on The Bachelor in 2019, Abbie has turned around the villain status that was handed to her by the show’s edit and manufactured an amazing media career.

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She hosts Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, a nightly radio show, and releases two episodes of her podcast, It’s A Lot, every week.

She’s also currently on the judging panel of The Masked Singer, has recently launched a fashion label, and has also released TV pilot, Abbie Chats.

Previously, she hosted Love Island Afterparty on Channel Nine, and also takes on a number of brand deals and collaborations that align with her interests – including the release of a vibrator with sexual wellness brand Vush.

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