EXCLUSIVE: Why Cyrell Paule is waiting before having more kids

Plus, she reveals the truth behind that steamy hot-tub kiss.
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Whether it’s Married At First Sight or, most recently, The Challenge Australia, Cyrell Paule – whose theatrics have granted her the moniker of ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ – is never afraid to cause a scene.

And while it makes for great television, it’s certainly an acquired taste.

WATCH: Cyrell Paule’s son Boston takes his first steps

“I think a lot of people wanted me out of it,” Cyrell, 33, laughs to WHO following her eviction on Tuesday night’s episode.

Despite the hate, the MAFS alum remains “proud of herself” for her efforts on The Challenge, saying she got “teary eyed” watching herself back.

Cyrell’s family were so proud while watching her on The Challenge. (Credit: Instagram)

Cyrell wasn’t the only one chuffed with her efforts; the star’s husband Eden, 30, and son Boston, two, watched the show with pride.

“(Boston) was actually pointing at the screen going, ‘Mummy, Mummy’,” the 33-year-old tells us endearingly. “Eden was very proud. As he should be, let’s be honest.”

As for whether more children are on the horizon for the reality television couple, Cyrell is definitely keen to grow the family.

“(Boston) was actually pointing at the screen going, ‘Mummy, Mummy’.” (Credit: Ten)

“It’s not going to happen any point soon. Maybe when (Boston) is five or six then I’ll probably give him a sibling,” she says.

“He’s in his terrible twos so I couldn’t pop one out right now; god, I’d have a heart attack.”

While Cyrell is happily cuffed – as Beyoncé would say – there has been plenty of flirting and fooling around on The Challenge.

First it was Ciarran Stott and Audrey Kanongara’s controversial joint shower. Now, it’s Konrad Bien-Stephen and Megan Marx’s steamy (no pun intended) hot-tub make-out.

WATCH: Konrad Bien and Megan Marx kiss. (Article continues after video)

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Fans were left confused earlier this month when footage of Konrad and Megan leaked while the former was seemingly still dating Abbie Chatfield. It later came out that the pair had split, but it turns out that Cyrell was just as baffled as the rest of us.

“Honestly I tripped out because I actually thought, like everyone else, that he was still with Abbie,” the evictee tells WHO

“Truthfully I think he wasn’t ready to tell everyone about the breakup because on the flight there people would ask him (about Abbie) and he would be ‘she’s fine, she’s fine’. And then it wasn’t until we got to the house and the hook up that we found out they had broken up. So I was very confused.”

Cyrell pulled the reality television curtain open even further by revealing that Konrad and Megan’s kiss was edited differently than it played out IRL. 

“. Maybe when (Boston) is five or six then I’ll probably give him a sibling.” (Credit: Instagram)

“That did get edited differently, it actually happened the very first night we were in the villa,” Cyrell spills, adding a cheeky “I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you that, but I’m sure it’s not going to ruin the story.” 

Whether or not Konrad and Megan’s chemistry lasted on the outside remains a mystery to Cyrell, who says “I’d love to give you the goss, but I can’t when they didn’t really like me.” Noted.

As for what’s next for the mum-of-one, the 33-year-old hints towards more reality television in her future, but keeps the lid firmly closed when it comes to the details.

“There is something in the pipeline but I don’t want to reveal too much,” she says. “I’ll just say never say never. And you may just see more ‘Cyclone Cyrell’.”

The Challenge Australia airs Monday – Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand

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