Here’s what infamous party boy Corey Worthington is up to these days

Think you know the teen that threw the mother of all house parties? Think again!
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Let’s not forget that in 2008, we bore witness to a house party the likes of which the world had never seen: Corey Worthington’s house party.

It was every teenagers’ wildest dream come true – and simultaneously every parents’ worst nightmare.

Brace yourselves. Let’s re-live what went down.

Corey Worthington
Corey’s interview went down in Australian TV history. (Credit: Channel Nine) (Credit: Channel Nine)

The Lead Up

On January 12th 2008, Corey Worthington was 16 years old and home alone in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren.

His mother and stepfather, Joanne and Stephen Delaney, were away on holiday in Queensland and they had made their son promise not to throw any wild parties.

Naturally, Corey did what any self-respecting rebellious teenager would do.

He jumped on social media and started arranging a wild party.

Writing on his MySpace and MSN accounts (we told you to cast your mind back!) Corey wrote: “Parents away, tell your mates, you don’t want to miss it, its gonna be huge” (sic).

In hindsight, the iconic mid-2000’s disregard of basic grammar should have been enough to set alarm bells ringing.

But how were we, the unsuspecting Australian public, to know what was to come?

As per Corey’s instructions, those invited started telling their ‘m8s’ via text and Facebook. And then those mates made sure to text their mates. And then those mates – well, you get the picture.

In Narre Warren, a social media driven, alcohol-fuelled snowball had begun its descent down a slippery slope.

That Party

Anyone that has ever planned an event on Facebook knows that no matter how many people click ‘Attending’, not everybody will show up. Typically, 20-30 percent of people won’t come, and that’s ok. Less work for you as the host, right?

However, on Saturday night all of Corey’s mates turned up. Them, and about 500 other teenagers ready to wreak havoc in the family home and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Underage drinking, a lack of parental supervision and the sheer number of party-goers was a recipe for disaster.

Teenagers wandered the nearby streets throwing bricks and glass, jumping on parked cars, breaking letterboxes and vandalising front lawns. Residents were terrified.

Despite their horror, these residents didn’t just cower in fear behind their curtains.

In the true spirit of fighting fire with fire, they responded by inviting more people to Corey’s party – only these people were the police.

The blue heelers were only too eager to attend Corey’s party, albeit for entirely different reasons than his teenage guests. Police cars, the dog squad and even a helicopter hurried to the scene. But initially, even law enforcement wasn’t enough to quash the debauchery.

Police cars were damaged and at times officers were forced to retreat for their own safety to avoid being pelted with bottles. Hours passed and the police are finally able to shut down the party. But the story doesn’t end here.

corey worthington interview
Corey refused to take of his sunglasses while being interviewed. (Credit: Channel Nine) (Credit: Channel Nine)

The Aftermath

When asked to share his take on the night’s events, young Corey admitted, “I can’t remember. I was just off my head.” Corey’s memory may have been foggy, but the evidence of the party was unmistakable.

The damage done to both residential and police property and the hostile feeling emanating from neighbours awaited Corey’s parents as they cut their holiday short and rushed home. The cherry on top?

The police considered presenting Corey with a $20,000 fine for the cost of the callout.

But before they could return home and confront their son, Corey appeared on A Current Affair.

The now infamous interview consists of Leila McKinnon trying, and failing, to convey the seriousness of the situation to Corey.

As she sums up, McKinnon asks Corey what he would you say to other kids who were thinking of partying when their parents are out of town.

“Get me to do it for you” replies the shirtless teen, sporting a faux-fur lined hoodie, a flat brimmed hat and wearing bright yellow knock-off Karen Walker sunglasses.

This clip soon went viral and was viewed by millions around the world. Older people vilified Corey in print media and on talk-back radio for his lack of respect.

Their traditional viewpoint ended up being showcased in a truly millennial format when, on January 16th, the single-serving website SlapCorey.com was launched.

It featured a flash game that allowed you to ‘slap some sense’ into Corey using a giant hand. The website no longer exists, but as of September 2012 it had been played 1.1 million times.

Young people, on the other hand, held Corey up as a hero, praising him for his party boy image and unapologetic attitude.

Corey worthington
Corey loves his sunnies. (Credit: Channel Nine) (Credit: Channel Nine)

Ultimately, Corey’s party received so much attention because it was amongst the first of its kind.

With social media still in its relative infancy during 2008, the potential pitfalls of creating online events were not yet common knowledge.

Consequently, Corey was snapped up by famed publicist Max Markson, who instantly recognised his appeal to the youth market. Markson set about teaching Corey to DJ and booking him to appear at parties.

“He’s thrown a great party in the wrong place and now he’s got the opportunity to throw a great party in the right place and get paid for it too,” Markson said.

Understandably, his parents sided with the older demographic.

His mother told the media: “We are absolutely disgusted that he [Corey] could do this, not only to us but to his neighbourhood.”

The drama continued when, on January 29th, Corey was allegedly involved in a fight.

The clash was filmed by bystanders and uploaded to YouTube.

Victorian Police received tips that the fight may have been staged and investigated the altercation further.

In Popular Culture

Corey Worthington’s party was rumoured to be the inspiration behind the film Project X, which held the dubious title of ‘2012’s Most Illegally Downloaded Film’ on BitTorrent.

One viewing of the trailer, and it becomes clear why these rumours surfaced.

In 2015, online gift retailer Red Balloon made Corey Worthington the star of their Clean the Slate campaign in the lead up to Father’s Day.

The campaign revolved around the fact that approximately 75% of Australians admit to doing something wrong by their Dad – so who better to front their campaign than Corey?

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Corey Worthington

So that was then, but where is Corey Worthington now? It’s been over 10 years since his party made the headlines and a whole lot has changed in a decade.

Here’s 14 things you probably didn’t know about the larrikin in the yellow sunnies.

1. What is Corey Worthington’s real name?

Corey Worthington’s real name is just that – Corey Worthington. There was some initial confusion in the media because his stepfather’s surname was Delaney.

2. Was anyone arrested?

Corey was taken into police custody and questioned about the party, but there are no reports of any other guests being arrested or taken into custody in the wake of the incident.

3. Were any charges were laid by the police?

It’s alleged that the police charged Corey over “matters arising from the party”, but because he was a minor these charges were not made public due to strict privacy laws.

Joanne Delaney was charged with one count of trying to hinder the police. This charge was issued after she tried to prevent her son’s arrest by obstructing a doorway. She plead guilty in court, was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and fined $500.

4. Is Corey Worthington on Instagram?

He certainly is! You can get your Corey fix at @partyboy_c_worthington

Corey Worthington now
Corey taking a selfie at the hotel before Australian Ninja Warrior. (Credit: Instagram.) (Credit: Instagram.)

5. Does Corey Worthington always wear sunglasses?

Corey doesn’t always wear sunglasses, but the pictures on his social media accounts don’t lie – he definitely wears them a lot. We don’t blame him, they are his trademark fashion accessory after all.

6. Was Corey Worthington on Big Brother?

Corey appeared on the 2008 season of Big Brother as a house guest and left after 19 days. At the time he admitted to hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O that he was nervous about entering the house but thought it would be a good chance to show people what he was really like.

big brother
Corey with then Big Brother hosts Kyle and Jackie O (Credit: Big Brother) (Credit: Big Brother)

7. What does Corey Worthington look like now?

Like the majority of us, Corey looks vastly different now than he did during his teenage years. While there aren’t many pictures on his Instagram account, there are enough to indicate that Corey has changed a lot since he shot to fame in 2008.

Here’s then-28-year old Corey in October 2019. Note the faint yellow tinge around the sunglasses – a nod to the past perhaps?

Corey Worthington now
Nice sunnies Corey.
Corey Worthington now
Corey Worthington’s Halloween outfit in 2019. (Credit: Instagram.) (Credit: Instagram.)

8. What tattoos does Corey Worthington have?

Corey has his fair share of ink. He currently has tattoos on his neck, torso, arms and hands.

Some of the most notable artwork includes an image of Chucky from Child’s Play on his right hand and three arrows on his left hand.

Across his fingers, the phrase ‘Not Sorry’ is spelt out and the face of a grandfather clock features prominently on his left bicep.

9. Has Corey Worthington released a single?

In May 2008 Corey released his debut single, an electro-dance cover of the Beastie Boys classic You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party).

10. What is Corey Worthington doing now?

Corey’s Facebook Page lists him as the owner and managing director of Not Sorry Entertainment.

Corey also competed in Australia’s 2018 season of Ninja Warrior, but was unfortunately disqualified for touching the water as he made his way under the net.

Nonetheless, Corey’s effort on the run demonstrated his commitment to health and fitness.

Corey Worthington now
Corey Worthington competed on season 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior. (Credit: Nine.) (Credit: Nine.)

11. Did that 10-year anniversary party ever happen?

In 2018, news broke that a party celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Corey’s rave was going to be held in Narre Warren.

The Facebook event listed bands Operator Please, The Potbellez and singers Sam Sparrow and Gabriella Cilmi as entertainment.

In true Corey fashion, those that were interested totalled 23K. However, the event never came to pass and was most likely intended to be a humorous hoax.

12. What is Corey Worthington’s net worth?

Corey’s management have kept his net worth under wraps, but there are some figures out in the public domain.

Just four months on after the house party, it was reported that Corey had amassed a $200,000 fortune.

His agent Mr Markson stated that this figure was an overestimate, but that Corey was doing “very, very well for himself”. His mother revealed in a radio interview that Big Brother were paying Corey $10,000 per episode.

A Current Affair caught up with Corey for round two in 2015, and the viral star owned his own home and appeared to be thriving.

Corey’s net worth remains private, but it’s safe to say that this young man is financially secure.

13. Is Corey Worthington married?

Corey married his partner Mel Borg in 2015 during a beautiful ceremony in Bali. Only close family and friends were in attendance.

14. Does Corey Worthington have kids?

Corey’s social media channels would suggest that he hasn’t become a father yet, but who knows?

After having spent much of his adolescence in the spotlight, he may be going to great lengths to keep his journey into fatherhood a private one.

After a questionable debut into the spotlight, it seems that Corey is going from strength to strength as he matures.

Will he throw a party of equal infamy when he hits the big 3-0? Probably not. But we can still dream!

Corey Worthington now
Corey Worthington then and now (Credit: Instagram.) (Credit: Instagram.)

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