Meet the 2021 Farmer Wants A Wife farmers

These five country blokes are ready for love.
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It’s the wholesome reality dating show we’ve been waiting for – Farmer Wants A Wife is back for 2021!

WATCH BELOW: Meet Farmer Wants A Wife’s Farmer Sam

Hosted once again by Natalie Gruzlewski, the show will follow a group of farmers and a bunch of women from the city all hoping to find their future spouse.

This year, five country fellas are ready to settle down and we’re preparing for some heartwarming stuff.

So who are the suitors? Keep scrolling to meet them.

This year five farmers are looking for love. (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Sam, 24

Sheep and crop farmer Sam is the youngest of the bunch but he’s ready to settle down and in five years’ time sees himself married with a child or two.

A typical Italian, family-oriented Sam is particularly close with his mum, nan and brother and is the only singleton.

“I definitely want someone that enjoys the outdoors, that’s happy to get their hands dirty. She’s got to have a great sense of humour – just outgoing, great personality,” he says.

Sam adds: “I bring maturity, openness, honesty and integrity, respect and independence to a relationship as well as affection and a sense of humour.”

Sam is the youngest of this year’s farmers. (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Matt, 26

Born and bred on the farm, Matt is a fourth-generation beef and fodder farmer who says despite his age, he’s driven and mature.

“I’m not in there to hurt anyone or lead anyone on – that’s the last thing I want and no one ever deserves that. You soon know if you’ve got that spark,” he says.

The 26-year-old is looking for someone that will suit the farmer lifestyle but is also passionate, caring, thoughtful and trustworthy.

Matt describes himself an affectionate, caring, honest and reliable partner.

Matt, 26, is looking for someone who will give farm life a red hot go. (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Andrew, 30

Hailing from Delegate NSW, sheep farmer Andrew says that it’s hard to meet women at his age and in his community as they’re either taken or very young.

“Love’s very important to me, I do get a bit lonely sometimes. You know, you want to be going home to someone – share experiences with, get married, have kids, all those sorts of things,” he says.

Andrew is after someone who’s laid-back and funny and unafraid to get stuck into work on the farm and wants to do stuff.

“I’m a pretty honest sort of person. I’m someone who’s very loving and romantic every day. I think I’d be a great husband.”

Andrew reckons he’s husband material. (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Will, 39

Sheep and cattle farmer Will from Longwood, Victoria, already has a connection to the show – his friends Rob and Jo met and fell in love on it back in 2008!

“They have three lovely children. If they can find the one, hopefully, so can I,” he said.

The 39-year-old is a romantic at heart and says he’s looking for compatibility, fun and lots of laughs with his partner.

“This farmer would love a wife. It would just complete what is already a very charmed life.”

Will is a true romantic and believes in love at first sight. (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Rob, 40

As the oldest of this year’s farmers, Rob has been in love once before and is dad-of-two and says his philosophy is that it’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

“I’d love the lightning bolt to strike again and find that true love. It’s happened before in my life and I’m sure it can happen again,” the Snowy Mountains sheep and cattle farmer says.

Whilst he’d describe Penelope Cruz as his dream woman, Rob is after someone confident who’s happy with their life.

“I’m not trying to make someone else happy, I’m in the game to make someone happier.”

Farmer Rob has been in love once before and is a dad-of-two. (Credit: Seven)

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