Love Island drops new trailer with shock religious views

“Is it possible to hate someone before the show even comes out??”
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The second season of Love Island Australia is set to premiere next month, but the reality show is already causing controversy.

Two new promo trailer posted to the Love Island Instagram account has made waves with fans.

A mystery female and male contestant – their faces are hidden – talk to the camera about what they expect from a relationship.

WATCH: Love Island drops new trailer with shock religious views

The female, who is shown wearing a crucifix necklace, says in the voice over: “The woman’s role in a relationship is to take care of their man.”

‘To cook for them, to clean for them. I do like the feeling of looking after my man and taking care of them. I am ready to fall in love.’

Meanwhile, the mystery man declares himself to be “old-school”.

‘My values are a lot more old school than what’s floating around today.
‘I treat women the right way. I was raised by a single mum. A girl can just expect me to be myself, just truthful and honest. I am ready to fall in love.’
Fans were quick to comment on the females values.

“She’s living before 1950s can’t wait for the dramaaaaa,” said one.

“possible to hate someone on the show before the show even comes out??” said another, while another fan blasted: “wth this lady is stuck in ancient times”

Earlier this month, rumours were rife that the second season of the Nine network show was due to be filmed in Spain.

However, a report in the The Daily Telegraph stated that the 2019 instalment was meant to be filmed in Fiji, however, the country’s government was reportedly concerned by the “sleazy tone” of the show and therefore pulled the plug. 

With filming in Fiji no longer in the pipeline, according to Confidential, Channel Nine producers have since agreed to film this season in Queensland. While it’s definitely less glamorous, shooting and editing in Australian time will be easier on staff members who no longer need to contend with the eight hour time difference.

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