MAFS’ Tamara is accused of calling her costars to harass them

“She literally screamed at me."
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Married At First Sight may be over, but the drama is showing no signs of ending. In more chaotic news, Tamara Djordjevic has now been accused of calling her former costars to abuse them.

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The season nine star reportedly called a number of MAFS stars over the weekend while on a girls’ night with Jessica Seracino, Carolina Santos and Kate Laidlaw.

Tamara djordjevic
Tamara reportedly harassed her former co-stars while on a night out with Jess Seracino. (Credit: Instagram)

Domenica Calarco, who butted heads with Tamara during filming, claimed she received a call from a private number on Saturday night.

“She [Tamara] literally screamed at me calling me a c**t,” Domenica told the So Dramatic! podcast.

“She then said to me, ‘Have you got your f**king teeth fixed yet?’. I just laughed and then she hung up. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to give them anything but I am furious.”

Domenica’s bestie and fan favourite Ella Ding claimed she also received a call from Tamara, who passed the phone to Carolina.

Ella Ding
Domenica and Ella received phone calls from Tamara over the weekend. (Credit: Instagram)

“I asked her why she was calling me,” she told the publication.

“Carolina was going on about Mitch [Eynaud] and Tamara, saying ‘Aren’t you jealous Tamara has touched his d*ck?’ and basically just trying to me feel bad that Tamara is with Mitch and rubbing it in my face.

“I told her that I don’t care and that Tamara can have him.”

Tamara’s ex Brent Vitiello also received a number of calls from a private number but he didn’t answer his phone.

Brent Vitiello
Tamara also reportedly called her ex Brent Vitiello, but he didn’t answer. (Credit: Instagram)

But the chaos didn’t end there. So Dramatic! founder and podcast host Megan Pustetto claimed she received a couple of “threatening and abusive” voice mails from Tamara on Saturday night.

Tamara reportedly left messages on Megan’s voicemail saying: “Megan how do you sleep at night, honestly?”

“Living like a troll on social media at other people’s lives [sic]. I honestly do not understand. We don’t understand how someone like you can sleep at night,” the voicemail continued.

“You must be sad. Very sad. You are the biggest loser honestly.”

Tamara MAFS
So Dramatic! founder Megan Pustetto also claims to have received “threatening and abusive” voice mails from Tamara. (Credit: Instagram)

The drama comes amid rumours Brent is now romantically involved with Ella. The pair have been spotted hanging out regularly since the show’s finale aired.

He addressed the rumours on Wednesday, telling 9Entertainment: “There is an attraction, yes, and there is great chemistry.”

The hospitality manager believes he and Ella would have become a successful couple had they been matched in the experiment.

“We spoke about if we were matched, would things be much different, and 100 per cent. I think we’d probably still be together,” he said.

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