Georgia Love’s cheeky swipe at MAFS’ Beck

We're not ashamed to admit the former Bachelorette gave us a laugh.
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Married At First Sight fans’ jaws dropped during Sunday night’s finale when footage emerged on Beck Zemek sharing a cheeky kiss with a mystery guy in Perth whilst she was still “married” to Jake Edwards.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Beck is caught out kissing a mystery man

In case you missed it, Beck was asked to keep a video diary when she returned home to care for her sick dog and the experts played footage of the alleged cheating scandal in front of all the other contestants, including Jake.

The video shows Beck playing with her dog in the bedroom before knocking over the phone. A man, who has been blurred out, then grabs her from behind and they start to kiss.

However, it was Beck’s reaction that left fans gobmacked. 

“That was my brother. It wasn’t, like, sexual,” the MAFS bride responded.

Beck later confessed that the mystery man was “an old burn” with whom she shared a moment with.

“Look, it was a mistake but I’m telling you now,” she admitted.

“That was my brother.” (Credit: Nine)

However, it was a little too late and fans couldn’t believe Beck’s original claim that the man was her brother.

One such fan was former Bachelorette Georgia Love who shared a photo to Twitter of Game of Thrones characters Cersei and Jaimie Lannister – a brother and sister from the fantasy series who have an incestuous relationship.

“Exclusive new pics of Bec and her brother,” Georgia cheekily captioned a still from the show.


Georgia’s post went down a treat with her followers who replied with several laughing emojis.

“Hilarious!!!” one exclaimed.

“Ha ha! Gold!” laughed another.

“Relax it’s just my brother,” another wrote, alongside the infamous photo of Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven kissing at the Oscars in 2000.

Georgia Love’s Game of Thrones comparison had fans in stitches. (Credit: Instagram)

Beck meanwhile has shared her first Instagram post since the bombshell finale, but there were no digs at her former co-stars to be seen.

The reality star uploaded a glamorous photo of herself posing with her back to the camera on Sunday night.

Wishing everyone nothing but the best, in their search for love,” she wrote alongside a heart emoji.

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