Nicki Minaj comes through with a banging new freestyle track

Warning: It's NSFW

Whether it’s discussing the size of their you know what or spitting rhymes about heartbreak, Nicki Minaj has no qualms about exposing her shady exes.

Remember when she said Drake was worth one hundred million but she couldn’t figure out “if the pussy wet or he crying and sh*t?” Or when she called the ‘God’s Plan’ singer a “little rapper” despite his mega net worth! 

Anyway, I digress. As promised, the ‘Barbie Tingz’ rapper dropped a new track on the most recent episode of her Beats 1 show, Queen Radio. And if you thought the single was going to be about her boyfriend Kenneth Petty you’re seriously wrong. 

‘Barbie Goin Bad’ is a decent remix of Meek Mill and Drake’s Championships track ‘Going Bad’. While it sounds like she’s firing shots at the two rappers she notoriously has beef with, Minaj told Dj Boof before playing the track on air that there’s no bad blood. It’s all “fun” and games, she said.

While she says most of her sly comments are said in jest, Minaj didn’t hold back in her new banger. In fact, she brings up Meek’s legal drama and how she supported the troubled rapper during his feud with Drake. “I was in the court, no Jays and Beys/Made her change her mind in the judge chamber, sleeze.” She then goes on to boast about her successes and Mill’s failure, while also making subtle digs at Drake.

Before she wrapped the freestyle, Minaj hinted that her fifth album is on the way, however until its release, she said she’s considering dropping a new freestyle every week!

Yes, please! 

You can listen to her latest banger below. 

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