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EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Andrew and Claire dish on life after the show

Another successful FWAW story for the books!
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Despite the fact that season 11 of Farmer Wants A Wife is still in full swing, one couple have already decided the search for love is done and dusted. 

As four farmers remain on the show, working towards finding their dream girl on FWAW as the season progresses – Farmer Andrew knew his decision much earlier. In fact, in the second last week of the series he chose to send his two remaining ladies home so he could fully commit to Claire. 

Now, the pair have sat down with WHO to talk about all things love and life after filming the show! 

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So first things first, A massive congratulations to you both, what’s life been like after the show? 

Andrew: I’ve been busy after the show, I think it’s important to keep yourself busy but certainly been good and enjoyable.  

Claire, I’d love to know what was going through your mind in that final episode when Andrew asked to meet you outside. 

Claire: Lots of things! I thought it was strange that I hadn’t seen the other girls since I got back. But I also thought that our last date went really well so I felt really positive. But there wasn’t really much said in the notes. So when I got out there I didn’t know what was coming. I had no idea! 

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Andrew, how did you know that Claire was “the one” for you?

A: I knew from very early on. There were a lot of common interests and both of our upbringings on the land – those things stood out from the start. But on a more deeper level, I just got to love learning more about Claire. She’s kind and caring, outgoing and adventurous. 

I knew from a very early stage that I wanted to pursue something and she felt the same. 

I know we asked Andrew this a few weeks ago, but Claire, what inspired you to apply for the show?

C: It was actually my mum and my sister! My mum has watched the show, I think since the very first season and it’s one of her favourite shows…she just loves the love story and the types of people that come from the land. My grandfather was a farmer and he had all the same personality traits as Andrew, so my mum and sister were like ‘You have to apply.’  They sent me through the link and we had to look at the profiles and Andrews popped up at the bottom.

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And how are you enjoying farm life Claire? Has it been a big adjustment for you?

C: No, not really. I had property in Tasmania and grew up on Flinders Island. The transition from moving from Tassie to New South Wales was natural and really easy for me. The dogs and horses have all settled as well. So yeah, we’ve been busy – we even have a pet Joey! So it’s been really good.

What’s next for the two of you? Any exciting plans? 

A: We’ve settled in here and now we can get out and about together as a couple which is great because it’s been very, very tough on not being able to get out and about [during the show’s airing]. So we’re looking forward to all those moments…

C: Like going to the supermarket! 

(Credit: Seven)

Do you have any advice for anyone who’s thinking of applying for the show next year? 

A: As long as you feel ready in yourself. I think that’s the best advice I could give, if you feel ready, give it a shot.

C: Yeah what Andrew said, I think you have to be mentally in a good place yourself and you have to be comfortable with who you are. And always remember that going into the show because you’re going to be living with five other girls. Everyone’s gonna have a different personality. I know in our group, not one of us was the same, not one of us had the same interests. We were all really a mixed bag. Always remember to be true to yourself – no matter what the situation is. 

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