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Farmer Wants A Wife: Everything We Know About the Reunion

Our favourite episode of the season TBH

With 10 marriages, 27 babies and countless long-term relationships…it’s safe to say Farmer Wants a Wife is one of the most successful dating shows in Australian TV history – and it appears the 2024 season is set to be just as successful. 

The 2024 season of Farmer Wants a Wife has really had it all, from one pair leaving the show early, rumours of another farmer walking away, a bonus new farmer joining the show…and of course more love and chemistry than ever. 

But, while five couples may have finished Farmer Wants a Wife hand in hand – how they are faring in the real world is a completely different question. 

Which is where the highly-anticipated reunion episode comes in. 

Farmer wants a wife 2024
This year audiences met six farmers looking for love on FWAW. (Credit: Seven)

The reunion episode of the season offers audiences a chance to check in with the lucky couples and see how the girls are adjusting to life on the farm. 

For some seasons, the reunion episode has brought to air more drama and breakups, for others, it has showcased strengthening relationships and even marriage proposals! 

But what will the 2024 reunion special bring? Here’s what we know so far. 

Is there a reunion for Farmer Wants A Wife in 2024?

Yes! Like previous seasons of Farmer Wants a Wife, this year a reunion episode will air a week after audiences watched the farmers make their final picks. 

When is the Farmer Wants a Wife reunion on? 

In 2024, the reunion episode will air on Sunday, May 26 at 8:30pm.

The 2024 farmers from FWAW
Fans are curious to check in with the Farmers during the upcoming finale episode. (Credit: Seven)

Who will be in the 2024 Farmer Wants a Wife Reunion? 

At this stage, it appears all six farmers will be reuniting for the reunion episode, alongside their matches. 

In a previous interview with WHO, Farmer Joe confirmed he had found “friends for life” in his fellow farmers – and was excited to reunite. 

“It will be a great episode … It was a great time to see everyone and where everyone was at,” Joe teased. 

Farmer Tom and Sarah
Farmer Tom and Sarah are just one of the many successful love stories of the 2024 season! (Credit: Seven)

Are any of the couples from Farmer Wants A Wife still together?

This year audiences met six farmers, and five of them found their match! Unfortunately, Farmer Bert left the show early after deciding he didn’t have “what it takes to be in a relationship right now.” 

“I just don’t have the emotional time to be the person that people are deserving of. That’s the reality of it,” he said during the emotional episode.

“Goodbyes are pretty hard for me,” he continued. “It always hurts but I know that deep down that it was the right choice for me to make. I was fully open to the idea of falling in love.”

Farmer Dean also left the show early after falling for Teegan, as did Farmer Tom and Sarah. The final two episodes saw Farmer Dustin and Sophie, Farmer Todd and Daisy as well as Farmer Joe and Sarah begin their happy endings. 

At this stage, all the couples have remained pretty tight-lipped on their current relationship status’ since filming wrapped, but we expect to find out more during the finale episode.

These new five couples are the latest in a long line of FWAW success stories, see a complete list of Farmer Wants a Wife couples still together, here. 

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