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Meet the Coaches of The Voice Australia 2023

Who is back in the big red chair?
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The Voice Australia is back for 2023 and the star-studded lineup of coaches are more excited than ever to discover the newest Australian talent. 

Making his first appearance on The Voice Australia is award-winning pop singer Jason Derulo. After soaring to international stardom in 2009 with his debut single Whatcha Say, Derulo is eager to help support the next generation of artists to find their star power.

“All the trials and tribulations in my life as an artist have prepared me for this moment, and to help somebody else. The Voice is the perfect opportunity to give off the wealth of knowledge that I’ve been able to acquire over the years,” Derulo told Seven. 

American singer Jason Derulo joins the coaches line-up for 2023. (Credit: Seven Network)

While Australia is no stranger to our home-grown musical talent, Derulo admits he was surprised by the outstanding talent of the 2023 contestants, telling Seven, “I have absolutely been blown away by the talent here. I had high hopes, as I have worked with Australian producers and writers, but my jaw was on the floor with the talent of some of The Voice artists. I can’t wait for Australia to hear these performers.

Alongside Derulo, fan-favourite coaches Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy, and Guy Sebastian will also be back to take their place in the big red chair for another season.

Speaking on the extraordinary talent of the 2023 contestants, Sebastian told Seven “I would say this is the hardest year to pick a winner. Every coach has a shot at the title. Usually, there’s a front-runner or two, but this would be the best overall talent we have ever had.”

Australian Idol star Guy Sebastian is back to nurture the next generation of Australian talent. (Credit: Seven Network)

As the contestants get ready to dazzle both audiences and the coaches with their incredible vocals, the judges have already begun to work on their strategy to secure the winning team of powerhouse vocalists. 

“My strategy is to come in very supportive and nurturing as a coach. For me, if I was the artist, I would want someone to guide me in a very fluid and honest way, but also be there in those really hard times… That’s who I am as a coach,” said Mauboy. 

Last year’s winning coach Rita Ora is ready to deliver a back-to-back victory. “If I want someone on Team Rita, they are going to know about it!” she told Seven. 

It appears Rita’s passionate pitch tactics have already begun to spice up the 2023 season, with fellow coach Guy Sebastian joking, “If [my competition] is Rita, then game on. She scares me with her pitches. She’s so good!”

Will Team Jessica Mauboy follow in her famous footsteps? (Credit: Seven Network)

As the stars of the future get ready to take on The Voice Australia stage, their future coaches share what they’re looking for in the ultimate blind audition. 

“The audition is a car race, and the song is the race car. It needs to be a vehicle that highlights your strengths. If the most compelling thing about your voice is your range and power and you sing a song that is monotoned, then you’re really putting yourself at a disadvantage,” said Sebastian.

“My one piece of advice is to do their scales and really warm up… It is really important to choose the right song for a blind audition. As coaches, we can’t see them, and they can’t see us, so the artist needs the right song to tell their story,” added Mauboy. 

Rita Ora is ready for her second The Voice win. (Credit: Seven Network)

As Australia gets ready to be amazed by the best of The Voice Australia’s blind auditions, we can’t wait to see who will come out on top as the winner of the 2023 season! 

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