Dashing through the bush! All the best Aussie Christmas movies to stream

Time to feel festive Down Under.
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Take a look at any traditional Christmas movie and you’ll see snow, cosy fireplaces and eggnog all reign supreme as staples when it comes to festive films.

But here in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is more synonymous with backyard cricket and sweltering heatwaves than snowball fights and blizzards.


Surprisingly there isn’t a wealth of Christmas-themed movies set in Australia but those which are nail the unique way we celebrate this holiday season.

And, it looks as though Aussie actors are no strangers to popping up in Hollywood-made Christmas films if you’re looking to get your local fix a different way!

Scroll on to see the best Christmas movies to get your Aussie fix.

A Savage Christmas is coming to BINGE. (Credit: Binge)

A Savage Christmas – BINGE

A Savage Christmas is the latest Australian Christmas movie to hit the screen, and tells a modern love story about identity, family and the hilarious antics that ensue when a dysfunctional family comes together to celebrate Christmas in regional Australia.

After years of estrangement, trans woman Davina Savage (Thea Raveneau), returns home for Christmas with her new boyfriend. Expecting her transition to be the focus, her return is overshadowed by family secrets and lies which could jeopardise not only their lives – but another Christmas lunch.

The film stars impressive local talent including Darren Gilshenan, Helen Thomson, Ryan Morgan, David Roberts, Thea Raveneau, Max Jahufer, Rekha Ryan, and Gary Sweet with guest stars Rachel Griffiths, Charlotte Chimes, Daniel Mulvihill, Isaac Gull, Jacqui Duncan, Spike Farrow-Pryke and Tashi Zamir-Holmes.

Stream A Savage Christmas now on BINGE with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.

Christmas on the farm
Christmas on the Farm drops December 1. (Credit: Stan)

Christmas on the Farm – Stan

Christmas on the Farm showcases a truly Aussie festive vibe as it follows the hilarious antics of Clementine Jones (Poppy Montgomery), an author who tries to pass off her late mother’s journals about her experience on a Queensland farm as her own.

When the big-shot New York publishers decide to head Down Under to check out an authentic “Clementine” Christmas, she attempts to pull the wool over their eyes. National treasures Darren McMullen and Hugh Sheridan also star in this modern comedy.

A sunburnt Christmas
For people used to a Christmas with more sun than snow, A Sunburnt Christmas is a treat. (Credit: Stan)

A Sunburnt Christmas – Stan

For most of us in Australia, our festive season is more sun-kissed than snow-filled and 2020’s offering, A Surnburnt Christmas, captures this perfectly.

The comedy, directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren of Bondi Hipsters fame follows the story of a single mum (Ling Cooper Tang) and her three kids living on an Outback property in South Australia  and who are financially struggling due to drought. A spanner is thrown into the works when a runaway criminal dressed as Santa (Daniel Henshall) unexpectedly gatecrashes their Christmas.

A moody christmas
The ultimate Aussie Christmas offering – A Moody Christmas. (Credit: Stan)

A Moody Christmas – Stan

While technically a TV series rather than a movie, A Moody Christmas is such iconic festive fare that we couldn’t not add it to the list. Clickbait’s Ian Meadows plays Dan Moody who comes back from London to spend Christmas with his dysfunctional family in Australia each year, played by Aussie faves including Patrick Brammall, Jane Harber and Tina Bursill. If you have interesting family dynamics (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you’ll love this.

A Christmas Princess
Think this prince looks familiar? It’s Neighbours star Travis Burns. (Credit: Netflix)

A Christmas Princess – Stan

Ok, so it’s not an Aussie Christmas movie per se – but there is a little hint to home with an actor who hails from one of the country’s most iconic soaps. That’s right, Neighbours alum Travis Burns plays Prince Jack, who’s in New York for his family’s annual Christmas party, where he meets struggling chef Jessica  (Shein Mompremier). And if we know anything about Christmas rom-coms, that sure is a recipe for love.

A princess Switch 3 Remy Hii
Aussie star Remy Hii features heavily in The Princess Switch 3. (Credit: Netflix)

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star – Netflix  

With so many versions of Vanessa Hudgens in the Princess Switch movies, you could almost be forgiven for not looking too closely at the other major players in the most recent offering. But if you thought Lady Fiona’s ex, Peter Maxwell looked familiar, there’s a very good reason why! The character is played by Aussie actor Remy Hii who cut his teeth in local classics like H20: Just Add Water and Neighbours before high-tailing it over to the States and finding even greater success. Among his impressive credits are roles in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Crazy Rich Asians and Marco Polo.

Christmas Inheritance
Another Aussie-led Christmas film: Netflix’s Christmas Inheritance. (Credit: Netflix)

Christmas Inheritance – Netflix

She may be best known to Aussie audiences as Janae Timmins from Neighbours or Clarke Griffin on The 100, but Aussie Eliza Taylor wasn’t afraid to get into the holiday spirit with a starring role in Netflix’s Christmas Inheritance. She plays a spoiled New York City heiress who’s forced to head to a small town ahead of Christmas to prove she’s got what it takes to take over her dad’s company.

Holidate Luke Bracey
Aussie heartthrob Luke Bracey stars alongside Emma Roberts in Holidate. (Credit: Netflix)

Holidate – Netflix

Sydney-born actor Luke Bracey stars alongside Emma Roberts in this Christmas movie with a twist. In Holidate, the leading pair vow to become each other’s platonic plus-ones for every important holiday occasion, including Christmas. What could go wrong? Or more importantly, what could go right?

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