Justice for Gavin! Survivor’s third eliminee shares his shock

"My jaw literally hit the floor."
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Things are very quickly heating up on Australian Survivor, and it’s not just due to the insanely high temperatures on location in far north Queensland.

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Tuesday night’s episode gave us the first real blindside of the season, creating cracks in the confidence of the Brawn Tribe, who have now lost two players.

While one half conspired to have Kerryn removed, she played a last-minute immunity idol, saving herself and throwing former AFL player, Gavin Wanganeen, under the bus.

While members of Gavin’s alliance had seemingly painted targets on their own backs, the unassuming and lovable Gavin had his fire extinguished by JLP.

Gavin is the third survivor to face elimination. (Credit: Instagram)

“I actually wasn’t nervous,” Gavin said in a chat with WHO.

“I felt that I had a bit of a buffer in the fact that I had Simon and Emmet around me as targets … I honestly thought that they’d go for one of those guys because they’re a bit more outspoken,” he divulged.

“If you’re a leader in an alliance you have a target on your back at some stage, so I thought, ‘it could be the perfect time to go for someone like Simon.”

The Brawn Tribe have been through two eliminations this season so far. (Credit: Instagram)

Although it was short, Gavin confirmed that he loved his time on the show.

“I actually enjoyed the physical challenges … I would have loved to experience more of them,” he said.

“I only really did the first one where we crawled under the net and had to fight for the sandbag, and get it into your square… I had a really good contest with Baden, I really enjoyed that.

“From what I’m hearing and what I can imagine, there’s some amazing challenges in the show – they only would have gotten better, so I’m really envious I didn’t get to have a crack at those,” Gavin explained.

(Credit: Instagram)

A fan of the show, he was thrilled to be able to participate in Brains V Brawn.

“I’m a fan, I watched the last few seasons and I’ve really enjoyed the Survivor game and the experience, and a lot of different dynamics in the game,” he said.

“Anyone can win it really, it’s about timing, a bit of luck really.”

Simon was devastated at Gavin’s elimination. (Credit: Instagram)

Although Gavin turned out to be one of the unlucky ones, fans have swiftly come in with their support for the sports star, sharing their disappointment at his elimination on social media.

“Damn man. Brutal. Me and my boys were cheering you on ❤️,” fellow footy personality Nick Riewoldt commented on a post of Gavin’s where he addressed the end of his run on Survivor.

“💔😭 shattered!!! Well done though Gav. That move was completely out of your control! Onward and upward x,” wrote fellow Survivor alum Abbie Holmes.

“Heartbroken man, bad luck dude – see you out there for Second Chance 😂🔥,” wrote another previous Survivor contestant, Matt Tarrant.

Emmet also felt the shock. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite the brutal knockout, and the bitter disappointment of his fans, Gavin seems able to laugh at his elimination now.

“It was so good to watch it back and see how my facials were … the shock couldn’t have been shown any more, it was there all over my face,” he said with a laugh.

“My jaw literally hit the floor.”

Gavin might be back yet! (Credit: Instagram)

Although good-humoured, Gavin seems determined that this isn’t the last we’ll see of him when it comes to Australian Survivor.

“I feel a bit ripped off,” the sports star laughed.

“If the opportunity presented, I’d definitely take it … I feel that I had more to give. I’d do it again, it was a wonderful experience.”

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