Australian Survivor’s Shannon Lawson hopes for a ‘girls’ year’

Yeah the girls!
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In perhaps the most dramatic Tribal to date, model Shannon Lawson had her flame snuffed on Survivor last night, making her the eighth person to leave Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn. However, this doesn’t seem like the end for the bubbly contender, who is very keen to cheer on her fellow girls for the remainder of the season.

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“It’s so cringey to watch yourself be evicted, I keep describing it as like a breakup, and I have to watch it with the nation and then talk about it,” Shannon laughed, chatting to WHO over the phone about her experience on the show.

“If I ever meet another person named Simon again I’m just going to go ‘ugh!’ and have a reaction to it,” she joked, referencing her Survivor nemesis, Simon, who orchestrated the blindside that eventually sent her packing.

“I think the blessing in disguise is that I get to take a back seat and just enjoy it as a fan now, and yeah, relinquish all power and be entertained … there’s lots of twists and turns, as you can see.”

Shannon had her flame snuffed on Survivor last night. (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

Shannon, a model and fitness instructor from Sydney, says she joined the show to test herself, and to see what she was really made of.

“Some people climb mountains, some people run marathons, for me, it just had to be this game of Survivor, I just wanted to strip everything away from myself and see what I was made of,” she admitted.

“I’m so grateful for the experience, and I didn’t realise I had a competitive edge in my – that was something I learned about myself, too.”

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Shannon did put forward a very competitive game of Survivor. With her background in boxing, her physical strength came in handy during the challenges, and she also did her absolute best to win the strategy side of things.

However, this would eventually lead to her downfall.

When a clever play from Hayley meant that Shannon could not protect her original team from the Brawn tribe, she opted to try to convince Simon to vote his close ally, Chelsea, out of the game.

Simon, who distrusted Shannon from the start, wouldn’t have a bar of it, and managed to execute his strategy only slightly better.

Shannon and Simon had it in for each other from the start. (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

“You don’t have any time,” she explained.

“You’ve got like an hour before tribal … to execute something without hiccups is very hard to do, and I just don’t think my execution was clean enough.

“Everyone saw through it. I just don’t think I should play poker, because I give things away and I’m not very good at that part,” she laughed.

Shannon’s elimination means she’s been separated from her Survivor bestie, Flick Palmateer. (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

However, the saddest part of Shannon’s elimination is perhaps the breakup of her strong alliance with surfer Flick Palmateer, who is now a good friend of Shannon’s.

“Flick and I are the little space-bun mafia, we have a few ideas, we want to work on maybe a scrunchie line, and yeah we’re always talking,” Shannon said.

“We’re addicted to voice memos, just when you’re on the go we’re just walkie-talkie radio style catching up with each other.

“It’s been really fun, you know being on the outside you get to see people’s lives, their dogs, their partners, what they wear, and it just bonds you so completely, this experience,” she reflected.

The space-bun mafia. (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

Although she feels fondly for many of the other contestants, Shannon is convinced that this is a ‘girls’ year’ and is very keen to see one of the girls take the win.

“I just think it’s a girls’ year, I think once they come together again they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

“I just see a girl winning this, and I want a girl to win it so bad. I’m all for empowering women and uplifting them, and I just think, you know, we battle so many stereotypes on a day-to-day basis,” she added.

“I would love a girl to wear the crown of Brawn and Brain, it’s just the ultimate hybrid if a girl can take that home, so yeah I’m rallying,” she laughed.

Shannon is hoping to make it back to Survivor if the stars align. (Credit: Instagram)

Although Shannon didn’t quite make it to merge, she proved herself to be a pleasure to watch and a contender who really tried to make it on Survivor – and she is definitely keen for a comeback if the stars align.

“I’m hoping the timing works out really well, I would love to start a family, but you know, I don’t know if the game will be in my cards if I do,” she pondered.

“I’ve already raised my hand, I’ve already pitched it, please bring me back for any fan-favourite type of show, I will be there!”

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