Tara Pavlovic shares beautiful new photos of baby Paddy

"Who is cutting onions?!"
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Four years ago, Tara Pavlovic walked into the Bachelor mansion in the hopes of winning Matty J’s heart. But now, her life couldn’t be more different.

WATCH BELOW: Tara Pavlovic leaves the hospital with her newborn son

The former Bachie star welcomed her baby boy Paddy George Shepherdson with husband Nick Shepherdson earlier this month and has delighted fans with new photos of her newborn.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday evening, Tara shared four professional photos of the new family of three.

“Our little Paddy. Gosh we adore you. Thank you @hw_photography for capturing these special moments for us so beautifully,” the new mum captioned her post.

Tara’s friends and followers gushed over the heartwarming photos in the comments section.

“So beautiful, enjoy every minute they grow way too quick,” one noted.

“Ahh that little smile!” another exclaimed.

“Who is cutting onions?!” questioned a third, seemingly joking that they were tearing up.

Tara shared a photo of her pregnant self next to one of herself two weeks post partum. (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this week, Tara shared the reality of her postpartum body with a powerful before and after pregnancy photo.

“So crazy to think just two weeks ago Paddy wasn’t here. It feels like he has been with us forever. I was told by many that I would miss my bump. I can assure you I 100% do NOT miss it,” she wrote in her caption.

The new mum added: “It feels so good to be able to move again without being in pain. Although this little rascal has me up throughout the night, I still feel so much better throughout the days. I wasn’t even able to go for walks from 8/9 weeks because of my hips but now I’ve been able to walk everyday without any pain.”

The nanny also stated that she’s putting no pressure at all on herself to “bounce back” to her pre baby body, remarking, “that is the last thing on my mind right now.”

“But I’m finding that being in a better head space is giving me the drive to get outdoors, go for walks and make healthier food choices which obviously helps a lot with both my physical and mental health. I’m really proud and grateful of what my body has achieved. Of course babies have bad days and bad nights (yesterday omg) and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and super emotional but overall I’m really loving being a Mum.”

Tara and husband Nick Shepherdson married in September 2020. (Credit: Instagram)

In a previous chat with WHO, Tara admitted that she was “nervous” to have a baby boy in the house.

“It’s definitely growing on me that it’s a boy,” the reality star, who was pregnant at the time, exclusively revealed.

“When the boys I look after climb up the walls and do crazy things it scares me so I’m a bit worried that I’ll be like ‘Stop! Don’t do that!’ and be a scared, worried mum with a boy. But I’m going to do my best.”

“I love little boys, I’m just worried that I’m not going to be a good mum for a boy. They just do crazy things, little boys – they’re so active and I’m not active!”

Tara also shared her excitement at having her own bundle of joy.

“I’ve been in childcare and looked after children my whole life and I have so many nephews and nieces and I love them so much so I’m so excited to have my own little baby to look after and care for and parent how I’ve always dreamt of parenting.”

Tara found fame on The Bachelor in 2017. (Credit: Ten)

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