EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Vanessa Sunshine reveals she was bullied in the mansion

She did not hold back!

WHO exclusively caught up with The Bachelor’s Vanessa Sunshine, who confirmed the truth about bullies in the mansion, Cass Wood’s infatuation with Nick Cummins and how she just wasn’t that attracted to the Honey Badger.

WHO: Were you expecting to be eliminated tonight?

Yep. I am very blunt and I don’t think he is used to that. It would’ve been easy for me to stroke his ego and tell him what he wants to hear but I won’t compromise my own values or morals to please someone.

WHO: You had some one on one time with Nick earlier in the season—Did you develop feelings for him?

I don’t know, do people really fall in love after an hour? I think it is obvious to everyone I was like, “oh, sh*t, this isn’t what I thought I was going to get.” I was open to meeting someone but at the end of the day, Nick isn’t the person for me and I am not the person for him. I think it’s unrealistic to put 25 girls in the house and I seem to be the only one who didn’t have feelings for him.

WHO: What did you learn from your time on the show?

That I need to update my wardrobe and get rid of black and grey!

WHO: What was the best and worst experience on the show?

I loved getting my hair done and my wardrobe picked out for me. I think the worst experience was the bullying. I was subjected to it along with other people.

WHO: Can you tell us more about the bitching that went on in the house?  

Cat, Romy and Alisha were labelled the ‘villains’ in the house but that almost glorifies their disgusting behaviour. They get their confidence by belittling and bullying other people. You only saw a small portion of what went down and to be honest, it was a lot worse off TV than it was on. There’s a way to get your point across without hitting below the belt and they can’t do that.

WHO: Cass has received a lot of flak while being on the show. Do you think it’s fair that she has been labelled as possessive or obsessed?

No, I feel so bad for her. She isn’t crazy. I have a good five years on Cass and she was younger when they dated and her feelings are real. What you are seeing is a young woman in love with a man who she is fighting for. She is putting it all out on the table and wanting reassurance from him that he feels the same way and he isn’t giving that to her.

WHO: Who do you think has the strongest connection with Nick?

My top three would be Brittany, Sophie and Brooke.

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