“We hold our heads high!” Ronnie and Georgia speak out after The Block 2021 finale

The couple came in fifth, after choosing to go first in the auction order.
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Ronnie and Georgia say they can hold their heads high after coming in last in an emotionally charged finale of The Block: Fans v Faves.

The couple’s luxury four-bedroom home was first to go under the hammer on auction day, selling for $3,696,000 – netting them a $296,000 profit over their reserve and placing them fifth.

Mitch and Mark, whose cottage-style home was second to go on the market, won the series by selling their place for $4,044,444.44 – taking them to $644,444.44 in prize money beyond the reserve. Plus the $100,000 for winning the series.

Though they were disappointed in how the day played out, Ronnie and Georgia were quick to celebrate their friend’s success.

“Congratulations to our friends Mitch and Mark on your massive win,” they wrote on Instagram after the episode aired.

ronnie the block
Ronnie and Georgia came in fifth, despite being the judges’ favourite. (Credit: Nine Network)

The couple also addressed the elephant in the room, as many fans were upset that “cheating scandal” participants Josh and Luke, and Tanya and Vito, had placed second and third on the series.

“Our The Block journey might not have ended the way we planned but it’s still such a fabulous financial outcome for our family,” the couple said.

“We hold our heads high knowing we left nothing in the tank, did the best we could whilst playing an honest and fair game.”

They went on to speak of the challenges of their property and thank everyone who worked with them on the stunning Melbourne home.

“Being on the smallest parcel of land and positioned on a corner were factors out of our control. Thank you to our amazing family of builders, in particular SJ Carpentry Services and Chippie Timber who built a seriously sensational home!!

“To our families back in Perth who selflessly allowed us to tap out for 3 months, we are forever grateful. David Wood and Jenny Dwyer [Belle Property] thank you for being consummate professionals, it’s been a pleasure having you in our corner.”

ronnie and georgia on the block
Shelley Craft supports Ronnie and Georgia. (Credit: Nine Network)

Ronnie and Georgia consistently delivered prize-winning rooms over the course of The Block and, having won the final room reveal, were given the chance to choose the auction order for all five houses.

Their decision was bound to impact how the results unfolded and so, on the advice of their real estate agent, Ronnie and Georgia chose to put themselves first. It jeopardised their chances of winning, but gave the rest of the teams the best possible shot.

Ronnie and Georgia went first for the benefit of everyone, and then came last,” host Scott Cam said. “The funny thing is that Mitch and Mark went first in The Oslo, and they came last in that season. These two selfless acts are really what is The Block is all about.”

In the end, Mitch and Mark won the show and they were clearly seen to be worried about Ronnie and Georgia after their auction.

At some points after Mitch and Mark’s auction, when the other teams were going under the hammer, Ronnie and Georgia went missing from the group in some scenes. Whether or not it was because they were upset by the events hasn’t been addressed – but it’s clear the couple are still grateful for their time on the show.

In the end, it seems all the Blockheads were happy with how things played out. The contestants walked away with a combined total of $2,271,968 in prize money, with all five houses selling above the reserve.

“It’s a fabulous outcome for our family!” (Credit: Nine Network)

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