MasterChef Australia 2019: Who is Mandy Hall?

Bringing a little Zen to MasterChef HQ.

Cool, calm and collected – that’s what Mandy Hall brings to MasterChef Australia in 2019.

Oh, and she’s also an outstanding cook!

“Well, who’d have thought,” says the 51-year-old yoga instructor and stay-at-home mum from South Australia of her starring role on MasterChef.

A mother-of-two, Mandy says she’s “Super happy, super grateful as there’s been some absolute cracking people that have helped me get this far! I’m pinching myself as I’m lucky enough to be in the company of some fabulous contestants!” 

According to her MasterChef bio, Mandy describes her food as, “rustic with a flair for Middle Eastern.”

Her kids Sam and Eliza love her Spanish paella and slow cooked lamb.

A “keen savoury cook,” Mandy’s weakness is “intricate desserts, with gels and foams.”

Many’d bio tells, “when she leaves MasterChef she hopes to kick-start her food dream, setting up a food hub where diners can learn to cook and enjoy dishes from different cultures. She’d also like to set up a not-for-profit café serving feast style food, aiding the local community and combating homelessness.”

Mandy is absolutely one to watch!


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