MasterChef’s Melissa Leong shares her fashion secrets

"I do love fashion as a mode of self expression."
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She’s one of the country’s finest food writers and one third of the beloved MasterChef Australia judges, but Melissa Leong is also something of a fashion icon.

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Whenever she’s on MasterChef, the 40-year-old foodie has not only captivated viewers with her amazing way with words, but also her chic wardrobe.

Bursting with colour and vibrancy, you can bet Melissa will always be the best-dressed person on screen but remains humble when her fashion icon status is brought up. 

“That’s very nice of you to say, thank you!” she tells WHO. “I do love fashion as a mode of self expression, and I appreciate it for being wearable art.”

But when it comes to the contents of her closet, Melissa’s style falls into two categories.

Melissa appreciates fashion as a form of “wearable art.” (Credit: Instagram)

“I have two styles: maximalist and minimalist, it depends on how I feel on the day as to which part of my wardrobe I head to,” Melissa explains.

“What never goes out of style for me, are well made classics. I like to try and spend more on less, in that regard.”

So when it comes to wardrobe must-haves, Melissa’s top picks most certainly reflect the classics.

“A great trench, jeans that make you feel like a million bucks, a chic winter coat, a dress that always makes you feel comfortable, but amazing, cool shoes and of course, killer accessories that can elevate any outfit,” she suggests.

“What never goes out of style for me, are well made classics.” (Credit: Network Ten)

Melissa may have her go-to items when it comes to clothes, but there’s a lot more variety and a lack of routine when it comes to her food.

“I don’t have a typical day on a plate. Perhaps that’s what’s most typical about it! she laughs.

“I am always testing new recipes, judging food or eating out, so I think the only constants are that no day is ever the same, and also coffee. I cannot live without my morning coffee. When Nescafé asked me to help them launch their new Farmers Origins range of single origin, sustainably sourced recyclable coffee capsules, obviously we both knew it’d be a perfect fit!”

“I cannot live without my morning coffee.” (Credit: Supplied)

We may have to wait a few more months for MasterChef 2021 to hit screens, but Melissa is currently judging the next generation of Aussie chefs on Junior MasterChef.

Along with her co-judges Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen, Melissa has seen some jaw-dropping creations made by children aged between 10 and 14 years old but maintains it’s the kids who are the best part about filming the show.

“The pure joy, energy and inspiration they bring to every room they walk into is something we should never take for granted,” she says.

“Through them, we can learn so much about what it means to find happiness and gratitude in small things and above all, the importance of having FUN!”

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