Find your inner peace with the best yoga mats to shop in Australia

We'll be in savasana pose until 2024.
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It’s 2023: the year of getting moving and kicking our health and fitness goals and what better way to do that than yoga?
If you haven’t tried your hand at the centuries-old practice, the time to treat your body to a whole new way of moving is now, especially as the benefits yoga can have on your body are endless.
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Yoga can be traced back almost 5,000 years ago, with the practice originating in India, and has since become a staple in health, wellness and mindfulness training worldwide. Yoga is not only a way of physically training and working your body but it is incredibly psychological as well – which makes it the perfect practice for those of us who struggle to get out of our heads.
Benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, muscle tone and stability, improved energy and vitality, not to mention improved sleep patterns and mental clarity.

How to start getting involved in yoga?

Something particularly enticing about practising yoga is that it is relatively low impact which is great for beginners, older bodies and if you are working on your fitness levels which might put you off traditional workouts. It also can be done in the comfort of your home and does not require mass amounts of equipment to train.
If you’re wanting to try your hand at yoga this year then here are some tips and tricks to help you on your way.
1. Choose your style
There are many styles of yoga all targeting different needs for the body and mind. There is the soft and calming Vinyasa yoga which aims to use smooth, flowing motion throughout (it’s a great style for beginners), Kundalini is great for stimulating positive energy, Bikram yoga to get your sweat flowing and many more.
2. Get to class or try following along at home
It is helpful when starting out in yoga to attend some classes to get the hang of basic movements and have the guidance of a trained professional to help you engage the correct muscles and movements to get the most out of your workout.
However it is not essential and there are endless follow along videos on the internet that can help get you started if you want to gain some confidence before heading into the studio.
3. Get equipped
The only equipment you really require to get started is a yoga mat – preferably non-slip to prevent accidents – and then you’re good to go!
Read on to find our best yoga mat picks to help get you started.
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The best yoga mats to shop in 2023

Lisa Angel Pink Yoga Mat (Credit: Hardtofind)

Lisa Angel pink yoga mat, $52.90 at Hardtofind

Yoga Design Lab the Combo Mat (Credit: The Iconic)

Yoga Design Lab the Combo Mat, $95 at THE ICONIC

PowerTrain Eco Friendly Yoga Mat (Credit: Myer)

PowerTrain Eco Friendly Yoga Mat, $54 at Myer

Bahe Soft Touch Reversible Mat (Credit: Rebel Sport)

Bahe Soft Touch Reversible Mat, $69.99 at Rebel Sport

KOBONA Eco Friendly Yoga Mat (Credit: Amazon)

KOBONA Eco Friendly Yoga Mat, $39.99 at Amazon

Gaiam Yoga Beginners Kit (Credit: Decathlon)

Gaiam Yoga Beginners Kit, $59 at Decathlon

METEOW Non-slip Yoga Mat (Credit:

METEOW Non-slip Yoga Mat, $29.95 at

Rising Moon Non-slip Yoga Mat (Credit: Lorna Jane)

Rising Moon Non-slip Yoga Mat, $100 at Lorna Jane

The Mat (Credit: Lululemon)

The Mat, $79 at Lululemon

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