Sam Wood: Snez is healthier than ever!

The fitness guru defends his ladylove after trolls brand her too thin.

Fitness entrepreneur Sam Wood has jumped to the defence of his “healthy and strong” fiancé Snezana Markoski after fans branded the mother-of-two’s post-baby body as ‘too skinny’ online.

Speaking exclusively to WHO on October 29, former Bachelor star Wood, 38, said he was surprised by the criticism after he posted a picture of Markoski, 37 – who gave birth to the couple’s daughter Willow in October last year, and is also a mother to Eve, 13, from a previous relationship – doing push-ups on a couch in the couple’s Melbourne home in a purple crop top and matching leggings.

“Snez hasn’t cared about her weight; she never jumps on the scales,” he told WHO. “She just wanted to get fit and strong and get back to how she was before pregnancy. She has taken 13 months to do that; there was no race. She’s healthy and feels fantastic.”

Confirming the couple will tie the knot later this year, personal trainer Wood posted a picture of the brunette beauty doing his 28 workout program in the lounge room, and nearly waking up a sleeping Willow on October 16.

“It’s great but I think she has lost a lot of weight,” one fan remarked. Another fan joined in saying, “I agree I think she’s looking too skinny. Gorgeous lady she doesn’t want to look sickly.”

At the time, Wood was quick to jump to his partner’s defence responding, “She’s a really happy healthy weight at the moment and has said she doesn’t want to lose any more. She’s training hard and eating lots as we are getting married at the end of the year.”

He told WHO he responded to the comments because his fiancé, who often incorporates her youngest child into her workouts,  had a healthy attitude to exercise and loved her food and that the pair were committed to being healthy role models for their young daughters.

“From a health perspective, it is important to make sure people understand that she’s the fittest, strongest and healthiest she’s ever been,” he told WHO. “She’s a couple of kilos heavier than when she fell pregnant but she’s strong, and fit and feels great.”

Like many time-poor mothers, Wood said Markoski enjoyed home workouts so she could exercise when Willow was sleeping instead of finding time to hit the gym.

“Snez has never really done home workouts, so this is new for her,” Wood said. “She likes going to the gym but with Willow, she loves the fact as soon Willow sleeps or if she’s playing with her, she gets it done. Even if its not four rounds of seven for 28 minutes – even if it is two or three rounds – she knows she’s pushed herself, ticked the box and she also tries to get a walk in with Willow during the day, so it is much easier than having to go to the gym.”

With summer just a few weeks away, Sam said it wasn’t too late to trim down and get beach ready. He recommends High Intensity Internal Training [HIIT] five to seven times a week, which accelerates the metabolism and keeps it accelerated for the rest of the day.

“Even in a very short time you can still achieve a lot,” he said. “The most important thing is to start straight away; we all wait and wait and then think we’ve left our run too late. The best advice is to start moving your body today.”

Snez and Sam’s Food Diary

Omelette or a smoothie

Salad with some carbs in it like a slice or bread, quinoa or rice

Protein shake

A healthy pasta or pizza or a type of protein like meat, fish chicken with veggies.

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