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In contrast to the winter months, when we happily get our hygge on, there is something about summer that inspires us to lift our health and fitness game. Hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean and long days skipping from one thing to another all call for a level of fitness that the cosy, cold weather simply doesn’t ask of us. And with spring now upon us, there is no better time to trade in winter comfort for summer vitality!

You have probably heard of Keto, the diet that is low in carbs and high in good fats, that primarily works to put your body in a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy. But besides this, did you know that Keto can also help to maximise athletic ability and can even induce an increase in mental clarity? In short, Keto helps to fuel your body to get you performing at your physical best.

After spending a well-earned couple of months holidaying in Europe, Siena, a 24-year-old woman from Sydney, decided to commit to the Keto diet to get her back on track to healthier habits. “I had been inconsistent with my diet and exercise and so decided to give Keto a try. It wasn’t easy, especially at first, but using the Keto-Fit products alongside the diet proved to be helpful”, says Siena. “I felt sluggish for the first week or so adjusting to the diet, but as the weeks progressed, my energy levels, and quality of sleep, improved. I also realised how diverse the Keto diet actually was!”

The keto diet is low in carbs and high in good fats
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“I focused on reducing portion sizes and swapped out starchy foods, like oats and pasta, for low-carb options such as zucchini noodles,” Siena says. By drizzling my salads with Keto-Fit MCT Oil, I was sure to hit my daily fat intake. It was so easy.”

Of course diet alone isn’t going to get you the sustainable results you are after. Setting yourself (achievable) exercise goals is key to muscle health and introducing protein shakes not only helps the transition to a structured meal plan, but also assists with muscle repair and growth. Says Siena, “I also incorporated chocolate protein shakes if I was feeling hungry or post-workout.” The Keto-Fit Plant Protein is a great snack for in between meals that ensures that you hit your daily fat and protein macros. It’s also delish!

Siena committed to two PT kickboxing sessions every week, some resistance training and to hitting 10,000 steps a day, which she did with her morning walks, skipping during TV ad breaks and taking the stairs instead of using the lifts. “My cardiovascular endurance improved significantly which meant that the intensity of my workout sessions increased,” she tells us. As part of the ketogenic diet, Siena also fueled up with Keto-Fit Fire, a ketosis accelerator to help put her body in fat-burning mode.

Siena's before and after keto experience
Siena before taking on Keto and her progress after 8 weeks (Credit: Keto-Fit)

One real indulgence she didn’t go without was her morning almond milk latte, but for the remainder of the day she drank Keto-Fit Coffee. Made from the finest coffee beans and high-quality coconut MCTs, Keto-Fit Coffee will give you the energy boost you need when 3:00pm comes around.

After eight weeks of sticking to the Keto diet, Siena lost 4.5 kilograms and feels fighting-fit. She says, “keep pushing through the first few weeks and eventually it will become a habit, rather than a chore. Keep yourself accountable – take progress photos, prep your meals and find a type of exercise that you really enjoy. It’s worth it!”

Interested in trying Keto? Get a free seven-day meal plan here. Keto-Fit products are available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Woolworths and Coles.

While most individuals can safely follow a ketogenic lifestyle, you should always check with your doctor prior to starting the ketogenic diet (or any diet or weight loss plan).

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