Transformation Tuesdays: Ashleigh’s incredible journey!

4.5KGs down and feeling better than ever!

With a long commute to work each day, Ashleigh Connell, 24, was in the habit of eating unhealthy snacks to tide her over until dinner.

WARNING: Two sugary drinks a day can increase risk of early death by 31%

“I would always get a packet of chips for the train trip. Then, if I got home late or my partner was away, I would order Thai and pick it up on the way home.” Coupled with being an emotional eater, Ashleigh found herself feeling sluggish and bloated. She signed up to take the Keto-Fit challenge when her work wife was doing it, and got her boyfriend on board for extra support.

“I loved how I felt on the challenge! I was sleeping better, my skin was glowing, my hair was looking healthier, and I definitely felt less bloated.” (Credit: Supplied)


Keto is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that tricks the body into a fat-burning process called ketosis. Over eight weeks, Ashleigh combined the keto meal plan with regular workouts and Keto-Fit products that are specifically designed for keto dieters and act as a helping hand. At the start, Ashleigh found switching to meal prepping every week a huge change.

“I used to forget to eat regularly, which meant I would either overeat or pick up an unhealthy snack when I got hungry. For the new routine I set myself little reminders throughout the day to eat the snacks and meals at regular intervals.” She was also a big fan of the Keto-Fit Coffee: “It was the perfect way to start the day, and had me feeling fuller and more energised than a standard coffee. It was my secret weapon during this challenge.”

“My partner and I would spend Sundays prepping and cooking our meals for the week ahead.” (Credit: Supplied)



Mini goat’s cheese and mushroom frittata




Keto salami and
Brie cheese plate


Keto-Fit Plant Protein shake with coconut milk


Chicken and green vegies


Ashleigh found scheduling the workouts in her diary ensured she stuck to them and she felt excited once she started to see her body change. “Within the first few weeks I had more energy, I was sleeping better and was waking up raring to go.

My skin was probably the biggest change. It really cleared up and was glowing.” Feeling her clothes fit better spurred Ashleigh on to stick with the plan, and the change to eating more healthy fats and protein has taught her to be more mindful about what she is putting into her body. “Though now that I’ve finished the challenge, a bowl of pasta is definitely going back on the menu as a treat!”


“I was always reaching for that chocolate bar or glass of wine when things were stressful.” (Credit: Supplied)


“It was a really nice surprise when my clothes started fitting that little bit looser!” (Credit: Supplied)


1. Do it with a friend

You get to really motivate each other.

2. Schedule in exercise

Make it a priority in your week.

3. Drink lots of water

I’m sure this helped my skin look so good.

Head to to download the seven-day keto meal plan.

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