Alex Nation shares details on “hellscape” winter

"The nights monitoring him and listening to his breathing have been anxiety-inducing."
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Alex Nation has taken to Instagram to share an emotional insight into her tough winter. 

The mum of three, who welcomed her youngest in April, wrote a lengthy caption detailing her growing family’s experience with childcare and illness. 

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“This has been Max’s first winter in childcare and it has pushed me well past my emotional threshold,” she wrote. 

“Since Pearl has been born (which is now almost 4 months ago) Max has had a different illness every single week with maybe only 3 full days of respite. Ear infections, croup, gastro, HFM, strep throat, bronchiolitis and now most recently RSV where he had to be admitted for a few days due to respiratory distress.”

“The nights monitoring him and listening to his breathing have been anxiety-inducing and my mental health has taken a hit these last 10 days,” she continued.

“Pearl has also since tested positive for RSV, rhinovirus and adenovirus and for the last 4 nights has been up most of the night crying, coughing and struggling to BF…even though she’s been so unwell, she’s still managed to smile though, the little darling.”

Alex revealed her son had been sick multiple times this winter. (Credit: Instagram)

Alex, who starred in the 2016 season of The Bachelor candidly continued, “I just didn’t expect the sickness to be this constant, this unrelenting. It has been near impossible for me to work and maintain any sort of productivity.”

Alex and husband Carson welcomed their daughter, Pearl in April 2023.

Pearl 🤍 20•04•23 ~ 8.41am. Her entrance was pure magic and we are all just so in love,” Alex wrote on Instagram to announce her daughter’s birth.

Alex revealed she was expecting her third child in October 2022 and kept fans up to date on her difficult pregnancy

Alex kept fans up-to-date throughout her pregnancy. (Credit: Instagram)

Midway through her pregnancy, Alex shared on Instagram that her and Carson’s child was “measuring small” and she would be monitored weekly until their child’s arrival. 

“Our little babe is measuring small, in the 8th percentile,” she explained alongside a photo of her cradling her bump. 

“I will now be cared for under a specialist obstetrician and monitored weekly to make sure this tiny little darling is baking along okay in there…It’s been overwhelming and my anxiety hasn’t been kind to me” she continued in the candid post. 

“It just feels like one thing after another at the moment. But I continue to practice gratitude for this body, this pregnancy and this tiny but mighty little babe growing inside of me.”

Alex’s daughter, Pearl. (Credit: Instagram)

Near the end of her pregnancy, Alex also shared that she was planning a caesarean birth, admitting she felt “incredibly overwhelmed and nervous.”

“The birth of my last babe is looking very different to the birth that I have envisioned and fantasised about for the last 34 weeks,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I have one last ultrasound next week to see if my placenta has done what it needs to do to give me the final birth that I so badly want. I have however already grieved for that experience and am now sitting in and accepting my new reality, that I will most likely be a belly-birthing Mumma.”

“It’ll be different, but it will be just as beautiful as the births of my two boys.”

Alex and Carson. (Credit: Instagram)

In May 2022, Alex explained that she and Carson had made the “difficult” decision to elope after being forced to cancel her wedding plans in Croatia. 

“With so many other things going on and having projects underway that need a lot of our attention, the timing just wasn’t right for us to tie the knot this year,” Alex said. 

“Since making this decision, we have been flirting with the idea of an elopement/very intimate wedding.”

The couple announced their engagement in October last year, one month after welcoming their first child together, Maxwell. 

Meanwhile, Alex shares her first-born Elijah with her ex-husband Joel Porter. 

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