Celebrities with hidden talents

Talk about star power!
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We all know celebrities are talented…

But when you get a load of these hidden talents – you’ll want to press your imaginary golden buzzer.

WATCH ABOVE: We asked Australia’s brightest stars to show off their secret talents – I’d recommend watching out for Jules!

Margot Robbie
(Credit: Margot Robbie)


The stunning Aussie is not only an Oscar-nominated actress, she’s also a bonafide tattoo artist.

(Credit: Beyonce)


Queen Bey can do no wrong. Adding to her impressive resume – slaying at Connect 4.

How do we know that she’s an ace at the iconic game?

Kanye West dished the secret hobby on his now dead blog.

Angelina Jolie
(Credit: Angelina Jolie)


Honestly, what can’t she do.

The breathtaking icon is a certified master knife thrower. She learned the impressive skill while filming Tomb Raider.

Mark Ruffalo
(Credit: Mark Ruffalo)


Hulk my heart….

Mark Ruffalo, everyone’s dream man happens to be a pretty solid unicycle rider.

NEED MORE TALENT: Get ready for Australia’s Got Talent, which premieres on Channel 7 on July 28 at 7pm!

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