Gogglebox Australia’s Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd welcome their second baby

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A small, but beloved family known for their hilarious antics on the couch has just grown as Gogglebox Australia’s Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd welcome their second child together.

Watch Below: Gogglebox’s Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd gender reveal

Sarah and Matty took to Instagram to announce the arrival of the little bub.

“Lyon Sainte Fahd, 09.05.23,” Sarah wrote.

“My baby boy, you have completed us. We waited for you, we dreamt of you. Malik, your big brother has been calling your name.

“We will love you unconditionally. We will love you until the end of time. Thank you for blessing us.”

Gogglebox Matty and Sarah baby
Welcome Lyon! (Credit: Instagram)

Around the time of the bubs gender reveal in February, the couple revealed they were struggling to find a name that compared to their first born, three-year-old Malik which means ‘king’ in Arabic.

Matty confessed to Stellar magazine they were considering naming him Amir, which means ‘prince’ in Arabic.

“It’s such a beautiful name, but I couldn’t do that to a second-born after all of that,” he said.

Gogglebox Sarah and Matty baby
They announced the gender in February. (Credit: Instagram)

We cannot wait to see more snaps of Malik with his new baby brother. Prior to the birth, Matty shared a video of Malik talking to his brother – while still in his mum’s belly.

“It is your big brother here,” he began.

“It is me and mummy and Baney and daddy and your big brother.”

Gogglebox Matty and Sarah baby
(Credit: Instagram)

At the gender reveal party, Malik even popped the balloon which hid the gender of his sibling.

“Our gender reveal & celebration with our family,” Matty wrote.

“Life does not get much better than in moments like this. Malik, Mum & Dad, cannot wait to welcome our baby earth side.”

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