Britney Spears’ ex drops bombshells in explosive interview

Kevin Federline also opened up about the couple’s sons.
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Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline sat down with 60 minutes Australia for an explosive interview that offered a rare insight into the lives of Britney’s sons, Sean and Jayden.

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During the interview, Kevin also spoke about his ex-wife’s controversial conservatorship, which only ended last year. 

“One hundred per cent I feel like he saved her back then” he explained, revealing that he believed Britney’s father, Jamie made the right decision at the time. 

“I wasn’t involved in any of it how the conservatorship came about. I don’t know,” Kevin continued before admitting that he was not involved in any details of the conservatorship at the time. 

“They were worried about their daughter and trying to do whatever they can to help her. That’s all that I knew.”

The explosive interview aired on Sunday night. (Credit: Nine Network)

He also shared how he explained the conservatorship to the couple’s children, who he now has seventy per cent custody over, adding that “they ask a lot of questions about it.”

“I don’t know that I can answer all of them for them, you know, but I just try to explain to them that she… your mum needed help. And the people were in play to try and make that happen, to make it better.”

Kevin also revealed that the couple’s sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, were “so happy for her” once the conservatorship ended. 

“Both of them were so happy for her, you know? Because it’s not always about what’s right. It’s about this is what mum wanted, you know, mum got,” he shared. 

Britney and Kevin
Britney and Kevin share two sons together/ (Credit: Getty)

Whilst Britney has been vocal about her non-existent relationship with her father and sister this last year, Kevin made the surprising revelation that his sons have a close relationship with their grandparents. 

“They’re my kids’ immediate family, you know. That’s their grandfather and their grandmother and their uncle,” he explained. 

“I feel that it’s very important that they have relationships with all of them, regardless of what happens.”

Later in the interview, Britney’s son Jayden spoke about his relationship with his grandfather Jamie, saying, “I know everybody blames him for the conservatorship. It was a father caring for his daughter.”

“Maybe the conservatorship took a little too long. That is why people developed a hatred for him.”  

Kevin and Jayden
Jayden (left) also joined the interview. (Credit: Nine Network)

He also revealed why both he and his brother did not attend their mother’s wedding earlier this year, telling the program, “I’m really happy for them. But, like, I mean… She didn’t invite the whole family, and then if it was going to be me and Preston, like, I don’t see how that situation would have ended on good terms.”

The controversial interview was slammed by fans of Britney who believed it was “disgusting” for the media to give Kevin a platform following his headline-grabbing moves of the past month. 

Kevin secretly recorded videos of Britney and her sons arguing and posted them on social media, captioning the clip, “this isn’t even the worst of it. I hope our kids grow up to be better than this.”

Britney’s fans quickly slammed the videos, labelling them an invasion of privacy before Kevin quickly deleted all posts. 

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