13 Reasons Why: Who’s new in Season 2

A roll call of the fresh faces populating Liberty High and its environs

Welcome back Andie McPhee! Dawson’s Creek alum Meredith Monroe is just one of the new cast on the sophomore season of 13 Reasons Why  (Scroll down to see her now). In the meantime, get acquainted with the newbie Reasoners.



RJ Brown

Brought on board to help Tony (Christian Navarro) with his anger management, hunky boxing trainer Caleb becomes a sturdy shoulder for the angsty high schooler to lean on.



Anne Winters

The new cheerleading captain is thrilled to be the latest girlfriend of wealthy and influential jock Bryce (Justin Prentice). But will she stand by her man as the allegations mount against him?

coach rick


Ben Lawson

The Australian star of Designated Survivor plays the latest recruit seen on the Liberty High faculty, laying down the (not necessarily just) law to the unenlightened boys of his sports teams.



Samantha Logan

When a traumatised Jess (Alisha Boe, above right) returns to Liberty, she finds a new friend in Nina (left), who has dark secrets of her own. Here’s hoping Jess treats Nina better than Hannah.

Judge campbell


Richard Gross

Much of the non-school set action in Season 2 takes place in the courtroom, where the presiding judge (centre) is a man of few words. Before him, prosecutor Vasquez (Wilson Cruz) interrogates Bryce.



Kelli O’Hara

Hannah’s mother, Olivia (Kate Walsh, centre, with Cruz), is determined to pursue the case against Liberty High, despite financial and personal pressures to give in. But she finds zealous support from fellow grief-stricken mum Jackie.



Brandon Butler

He may be a previously unseen member of the letterman jacket boys’ club, but it’s a club Scott’s not sure he wants to belong to. Does team loyalty mean turning a blind eye to their bad behaviour?



Bryce Cass

Hooray! Socially awkward Tyler (Devin Druid, right) gets a friend, anarchist Cyrus, who has clever ways of getting back at the bullies and brings Tyler into a clique of his own.



Chelsea Alden

Bonus! Cyrus has a cute sister, Mackenzie, who seems to dig Tyler’s quirky nature. 



Makenzie Vega

This character has some intriguing things to say about the kind of person Hannah was before she arrived at Liberty High. 

Bryce's parents


Brenda Strong and Jake Weber

Rarely seen, even by son Bryce, Nora and Barry Walker know how to flash the cash and live the high life, but will they back their son when they learn the true nature of the child they have (sort-of) raised? 

Alex's mum


Meredith Monroe

We met Deputy Standall (Mark Pellegrino), the dad of troubled Alex (Miles Heizer), in Season 1. But it’s a real treat to find out that Alex’s sugar-hating mum is played by Monroe. Her voice is instantly recognisable as Dawson’s Creek’s Andie McPhee, and her face hasn’t changed that much either, 20 years on.

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