EXCLUSIVE: Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards’ concern over major parenting decision

“You will never know what having a child is like until you’ve had one.”
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Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards are navigating a whole new world with daughter Elle, and have found themselves facing decisions they never expected.

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“Coming from a health and wellness background … I’ve always been very, very conscious of health from my own side of things. But then when you have a baby, it’s like – holy hell, I know what an adult needs, but I don’t really know what a baby needs,” Tim revealed to WHO as the pair shared their anxieties over switching from breastfeeding to formula.

“When we transitioned onto formula, I’d go and spend half an hour in the aisle looking at the backs of all the tins, because you want to do your research. I don’t want to just put anything random into my kid’s body.”

Tim, Anna, and Elle as well, have partnered together with Nature One Dairy Australia, which they found best aligned with their goals for little Elle as she grows. They’re now encouraging all parents to be aware of the challenge.

“I think you will never know what having a child is like until you’ve had one.” (Credit: Max Doyle)

“For us it’s been good because we’ve got people that we call on there,” Tim explains.

“They’ve got a big team of experts that help for everything from psychology to nutrition, to everything else, which is important to us,” he continued.

“She’s slightly obsessed with it, all she wants is her milk,” Anna laughs.

Elle loves a cafe day by the look of it! (Credit: Instagram)

While it’s been 19 months with Elle, Tim and Anna are still finding themselves adapting to parenthood.

“You’ve just got to expect the unexpected,” Anna tells WHO.

“You will never know what having a child is like until you’ve had one,” she added

“You’ve got to take it one day at a time… You don’t know when they’re gonna wake up sick or, or how they’re gonna be feeling every day.”

“It’s about being like water to the container, you know, just being able to adapt to anything thrown your way,” Tim added.

“It’s actually a really nice way for us to work together as a family.” (Credit: Max Doyle)

The pair are also conscious of not letting social media get to them when it comes to their parenting style.

“It’s like the smallest fraction of someone’s day or life,” Anna says.

“I don’t want to put absolutely everything on my social media because I feel like there’s so much more to me.

“I think it’s good to show the ups and downs,” Tim adds.

“People have always got to remember that when looking at whoever’s Instagram, [to] not compare themselves or judge themselves.”

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Little Elle recently got to join her parents on set.

“It’s actually a really nice way for us to work together as a family,” Tim says.

“It sounds a bit weird working with your 19-month-old daughter, but for us to spend some of our working time together, it’s nice.”

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