How Sam Frost’s brother ended up playing Australian Survivor with her ex-boyfriend

"It made it a bit more surprising and fun."
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The announcement of the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water cast brought a couple of surprises along with it.

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To the untrained eye, teammates Alex Frost and Jay Bruno look just like a regular set of in-laws after meeting when Jay began to date Alex’s sister.

However, upon closer inspection, you realise they’re not really in-laws at all. It was only quite recently that 36-year-old Jay split from his very famous girlfriend Sam Frost. Also known as Alex’s sister.

Despite their split, his friendship with Alex remains strong. So strong, in fact, that Jay will be entering outback Queensland by his side on Australian Survivor.

Alex and Jay will play Survivor together. (Credit: 10)

Jay and Sam took up together in 2021, with Jay moving into Sam’s home during the Sydney lockdowns. While she claimed for a while that he was just her housemate, snaps of the two kissing soon emerged, and the relationship was confirmed.

While Jay hails from Sam’s native Melbourne, where her family lives, it was presumably quite easy for him to strike up a friendship with her younger brother, Alex Frost, leading the pair to decide to take on Survivor together in a season that put the call out for two family members to join the cast.

“I had to have someone that was close to family and at the time he was,” Jay told Sydney Confidential.

Alex with his big sister, Sam. (Credit: Instagram)

“It did bring an exciting element [being there together] as we didn’t know what was going to happen,” Jay continued. “It made it a bit more surprising and fun.”

Alex also spoke on his close relationship with Jay, saying that Sam was “jealous of how well we got along” at times.

He also said that he and Jay “were kind of like best friends so we thought it would be easy [to win Survivor] having this telepathic sense”.

Sam and Jay have since broken up. (Credit: Instagram)

Jay and Sam have now split in the months since Survivor was filmed, with Jay recently opening up about the breakup while doing publicity for the show.

“It is pretty simple, I just guess I couldn’t see a future with her,” he said.

“It is never easy to stay friends with someone you dated and I broke up with her, so I think it would be unfair for me to hover around and confuse her.

“I have kept my distance. It is obviously hard because you feel for the other person but people just break up sometimes and I didn’t want to lead her on so I have moved on.”

“I just guess I couldn’t see a future with her.” (Credit: 10)

Despite the potentially awkward situation, Sam remains incredibly supportive of Alex as he makes his first foray into television.

She wrote her brother a two-page letter as he headed onto set, telling him to ‘basically be yourself’ while he was on camera.

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Alex also posted a picture of himself and Jay on Instagram to celebrate the cast announcement, leading Sam to comment “Proud of you bro” underneath.

“Proud of you bro.” (Credit: 10)

With both Jay and Alex being Survivor super-fans, the two might be in with a decent chance.

“Our strategy is not to blend in but to go with the flow, because you don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know who’s there and who you’re in with,” Jay told 10.

“I’ve definitely been playing social and strategic scenarios out in my head, as well as doing the workouts Jay tells me to do in the hope I can keep up,” Alex added.

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Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water premieres on January 31 at 7:30pm on 10.

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