The Bachelor’s Bella gets cosy with The Bachelorette’s Adam

And Adam already confessed she slid into his DM's!
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They both came within reach of winning their respective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and now fans have gone into a frenzy after Bella Varelis and Adam Todd were spotted hanging out together in Sydney.

WATCH BELOW: A look back at Bella and Locky’s romance on The Bachelor Australia

On Wednesday night, several of this year’s Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants caught up in Sydney at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel for a long-awaited catch-up.

In the mix were Locky Gilbert’s Bachelor girls Bella, Bec Cvilikas, Nicole Campbell, Bel Colwell and Leilani Vakaahi and last season’s star Emma Roche along with Elly and Becky Miles’ Bachelorette boys Adam, Shannon Karaka and Pascal Wallace. It was basically the unofficial Bachelor in Paradise.

Several members of the gang took to Instagram to share footage from their drinks session and eagle-eyed fans noticed that Adam, who had flown in from Perth earlier that day, was sitting next to this year’s Bachelor runner-up.

This comes shortly after Adam admitted Bella had slid into his Instagram DM’s (direct messages) so could we be seeing a romance bloom?


It was a Bachelor/Bachelorette reunion in Bondi – and Bella and Adam were snapped cosying up together. (Credit: Instagram)
Spotted! (Credit: Instagram)

When Adam was booted from the mansion by Elly, Bella uploaded a clip to Instagram of herself watching the show and admitted: “Adam I’ll have you!”

During an appearance on The Project following his Bachelorette elimination, Adam then confirmed that the brunette beauty had reached out to him.

“There might’ve been a little bit of sliding into the DM’s,” the handsome geologist laughed when host Peter Helliar asked if Bella had been in touch.

“I’m not confirming or denying anything.”

Adam was put on the spot when asked about Bella following his elimination. (Credit: Ten)

It’s safe to say that Bella has well and truly moved on from Locky as she unleashed on him and new girlfriend Irena Srbinovska in an Instagram Q&A.

“I don’t regret anything. At the end of the day everything happens for a reason. I’m actually really grateful that Locky dumped me,” she said.

“Locky was just a big lesson for me. It was just the universe telling me this human isn’t my human, and it wasn’t meant to be my happily ever after, but it’ll happen.”

She also remarked that if the tables were turned and she found out he said he loved Irena and picked her, she’d be unlikely to stay with him.

“It’s hard to give an answer for a situation that you’re not in. Would I stay in a relationship knowing that he loved someone else? I’m not sure, that’s a hard question.”

“I’m actually really grateful that Locky dumped me.” (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile Adam, who made it to Elly’s final three, became a fan favourite thanks to his kindhearted nature.

“I came into this experience having never been in love before and sadly I have come out the other end still searching. However, what I have come out with is friends and memories for life,” he wrote after he left the mansion.

The geologist then praised Elly and Becky for being “so kind and caring” throughout the experience and thanked fans for their support.

“Now it’s back to my rocks. However, I will keep searching for that first girl I can say I love you to.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Bella will be that girl…

“I will keep searching for that first girl I can say I love you to.” (Credit: Ten)

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