Why Brittany Hockley calls boyfriend Jordan Thompson ‘Slowy’

"He will probably hate me for saying this."
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Brittany Hockley is counting down the days until she flies out of the country to be reunited with her tennis player boyfriend Jordan Thompson, whom she calls ‘Slowy’. But there is a reason behind the nickname.

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Speaking via her Instagram Stories on Monday evening, the 32-year-old former Bachelor star revealed that many of her followers had asked why she refers to Jordan as ‘Slowy’.

“Jordan is the fastest person on a tennis court and like as a runner and in sport, but when he’s not playing tennis he’s literally the slowest human!” she laughed, along with the caption “He will probably hate me for saying this,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Brittany spilled that her boyfriend Jordan is “so slow at everything” outside of sport. (Credit: Instagram)

“He’s so slow at everything, he’s never in a rush to get anywhere. He eats slowly, he walks slowly, he gets out of bed slowly, he starts his day slowly, he’s not a morning person, he’ll speak slowly. He doesn’t even think fast, he’ll think slowly – he’ll sit on his thoughts. Everything is like sloth crossed with snail.

“So that’s why I call him Slowy, anyone that knows him knows that.”

Britt added that she meanwhile, is the complete opposite.

“Probably also exaggerated by the fact that I’m literally the antithesis of that – like bull out of the gate all the time, 100 miles an hour, can’t sit still, early riser. Like I even eat fast – it’s like every meal is my last meal, I just inhale it!”

Opposites attract! Whilst Jordan may be ‘Slowy’, Britt is “100 miles an hour”. (Credit: Instagram)

Brittany is also in the process of packing to travel with Jordan as he plays in international tennis competitions.

The former Bachie star is travelling to the UK to watch him at Wimbledon first and then said that Mexico and America are next on her list and also said she’d be helping him with tournament logistics.

The couple have been in a long-distance relationship since March and Britt confessed to Stellar back in April that after 10 years of being single, she’s used to being on her own but thought that because of it she’d “become desensitised to human affection and touch.”

“I’d forgotten that it felt like to have a close, physical relationship – so I definitely miss that. I’m not a needy person but I’ve found myself getting massages once a week so someone touches me!” she told the publication.

The former Bachelor star is joining her tennis player beau as he plays at international tournaments. (Credit: Instagram)

During her reality TV days, Britt dated Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins on the sixth season of The Bachelor when neither she nor runner-up Sophie Tieman won his heart. She then dated Timm Hanly on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, but the relationship was short-lived.

It was after that when Britt met Jordan on celebrity dating app, Raya.

“It makes all the heartbreak and everything I have been through worth it,” she told WHO in Marchexplaining that due to their six year age gap, she didn’t enter the relationship with high hopes.

“Due to our age gap, I didn’t go in with any expectations that this would get serious – which I think is a good thing. But Jordan is really different from what people think he is. He is very kind and gentle, thoughtful and loving. We laugh nonstop when we’re together.”

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