Celebrity Apprentice star dishes on the upcoming season

“That really pissed me off.”
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It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we heard Lord Sugar yell ‘you’re’ fired’ to some unlucky celeb, but Celebrity Apprentice Australia is officially back for another round.

WATCH BELOW: Beck Zemek and Samantha Jade feud on Celebrity Apprentice

From all the teasers, cast interviews and overall look at the upcoming season, we can already feel the tension pouring out from the boardroom and onto our screens.

With a star-studded cast, featuring icons from Real Housewives, Summer Bay and NRL legends, it comes as no surprise that the drama will be through the roof.

So, as we eagerly wait to see what the season has in store for us, we’ve gathered all the juicy spoilers to get you going in the meantime. Keep scrolling!

celebrity apprentice australia 2022 cast
There already seems to be drama amongst the cast this year. (Credit: Nine)

Feuds amongst the cast

Like seasons past, we can pretty much guarantee there will be fights, feuds and everything else in between amongst the cast this year. And Carla’s given us a taste of just that.

“I don’t have anything against this person. I think they are a lovely person. But the person that I really didn’t get along with that well was probably Ronnie [Caceres] from The Block,” she revealed.

“For me personally, I just didn’t like his energy. You’ll see it on the show what I mean. When you see it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“But it was just like there was a bit of a difference like on camera and off camera and that really pissed me off because if you’re going to be a bad b***h bro, be a bad b***h 110 f**king per cent, 24/7 – don’t switch it on and switch it off.”

“If that’s who you are than f**king deal with it and do it the full way through. Don’t f**king switch the game up whenever you feel like it.”

carla from bankstown samantha jase
Carla from Bankstown (left) has spilled on the upcoming season. (Credit: Instagram)

From a recent trailer for the season, we also saw Married At First Sight’s Beck Zemek bickering with Ronnie in front of Lord Sugar, who said she didn’t give 100% in a team challenge.

After Beck made a heated comment towards Ronnie, it was singer Samantha Jade who seemingly had an issue with what she said, as she called Beck “nasty”.

As we get closer to the premiere date, we can expect to see quite a few more explosive moments teased in the lead-up, and we’ll be counting down until it officially drops.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia starts Sunday, May 22 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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