EXCLUSIVE: Chris Evans and Ana de Armas team up for a romantic-action flick ‘Ghosted’

"Playing an unassuming beekeeper is much more who I am than Captain America.”
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With his classic good looks, gorgeous dimples and endless charm, it’s hard to imagine anyone standing up Chris Evans following a first date. Unless, of course, the person not returning his texts just happens to be someone as equally stunning, like Ana de Armas. 

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That’s just what happens in their fun new flick, Ghosted. With the pair having already teamed up twice to make 2019’s Knives Out and The Gray Man in 2022, we’ve already seen that Evans and de Armas’ on-screen chemistry is off the charts – but this movie delivers a surprising new twist.  

Evans plays Cole, an ordinary beekeeper who falls head over heels for Sadie (de Armas), before she gives him the cold shoulder. In the vein of action-filled ’80s romcom Romancing the Stone, Cole pursues her halfway around the world, but his big plans for a second date are sidelined when he accidentally gets swept up in the high-stakes world of international espionage. In a charming role reversal, it’s de Armas, 34, who gets to kick butt with secret CIA agent Sadie needing to do the rescuing. 

It’s a big change of pace for Evans, who is used to playing the hero in the Avengers movie franchise, but it was a challenge that he really relished. 

“Maybe it’s tricky for audiences to see me as something other than Captain America,” the actor, 41, tells WHO.  “But playing an unassuming beekeeper is much more who I am than Captain America.”

“Ana did an incredible amount of her own stunts,” he told People magazine. “The first sequence we did in the caves, she was flipping guys and spinning, kicking and rolling. I was like, ‘Oh, my God.”’ (Credit: Supplied.)

Cole and Sadie are very different. Do you believe that opposites attract?

DE ARMAS: I think for sure we lean towards something that we don’t have; something that’s missing in us that we see in another person that we find attractive or exciting. 

EVANS: Sometimes these people force you to grow in a way that maybe you wouldn’t have forced yourself to expand into, so I guess that could be seen as an opposite – but it’s really about creating growth.

Have you ever ghosted someone or been ghosted? Like how Sadie ghosts Cole but he still doesn’t take the hint and pursues her?

EVANS: Look, no one’s disparaging love and romance, but if you have a nice night with someone and you’ve texted a bunch and they haven’t responded – and then you fly across the country to visit them, its probably not a good look. 

DE ARMAS: It’s definitely crazy behaviour. Yeah, and [our characters] both have been ghosted and ghosted people, very quick. No time to remember.

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The cast and crew had a ball while filming. (Credit: Supplied.)

Sadie sees herself as a cactus – low maintenance and never needy. Is that a good philosophy to live by?

DE ARMAS: I think being a cactus is sad and boring. I am not a cactus at all in my life. I believe in relationships and love and kindness and giving each other support and connection. I like that I am someone who likes nourishing my friendships and relationships. I need that. Being a cactus is cold and just depressing. And I think, ultimately, these two people find that is a pretty lonely place to be, if you’re a cactus. It’s better to have each other. 

EVANS: It’s about being someone who is independent but it almost applies to the film industry, too. I used to tell myself, if you’re not okay without it, you’ll never be okay with it. It’s a matter of making sure you yourself are a whole person first. If too much of who you are or your identity is dependent upon needing something or someone, then you’re on pretty unstable ground. So when you are an independent person on your own, that’s when I think the best things come your way and can open up opportunities in terms of who you can let into your life.

Ghosted flips the usual tough guy and damsel in distress stereotypes…

EVANS: Yes, the role reversal is a surprise. The first 25 minutes is a straight romantic movie – and then you go a hard right turn into this action film. So the goal is to try and subvert the norms of damsel in distress, capable action star. And that’s what makes it refreshing and unique is that someone like me that people may recognise as someone who may be capable in certain situations is very much not in this situation.

DE ARMAS: I love that you have a chance to get to know these characters who seem like they could have a future together. You want to see where this goes and have them meet again, and see if that romance can happen. 

EVANS: It’s all about the fun and the thrill of tentatively getting to know someone. It’s when you can’t believe this person that you’re instantly attracted to likes you back. I think we all dream about those moments, those dates when you feel like you’re in a movie. 

working together is so nice, they’ve done it thrice! (Credit: Supplied.)

Is it fun to play against type?

DE ARMAS: I never thought I would be doing action films. But here I am. The opportunity came with James Bond [2021’s No Time to Die] and it’s been a nice wave to ride and it’s very exciting and rewarding. And I’m happy, as a woman, to be playing these action parts. I think they’re needed in cinema. But I won’t be doing action movies forever.

EVANS: It’s up to me to diversify the performances I give to make sure people see me as more than just one role. I guess my best acting accomplishment is making you think that I’m more Cap [Captain America] than this guy!

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