Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky thank ‘true heroes’ rescuing flood victims

"Heroic efforts by everyone involved."
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Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have praised the “heroic efforts” of everyday Australians who have rescued stranded flood victims in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

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The flooding crisis is particularly close to the couple’s hearts as they live in flood-affected Byron Bay with their three kids.

“Absolutely devastating watching some of the worst floods in Australia’s history hitting Queensland and NSW,” the Thor star wrote on Instagram on Wednesday night alongside photos of flooded streets.

“Heroic efforts by everyone involved in rescuing thousands of people who have been stranded.

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“Lots of love to everyone who has been effected and a big shout out to all who had a boat or jet ski and launched straight into rescue missions without hesitation. True heroes.”

On Wednesday morning, Elsa thanked emergency workers and volunteers who risked their lives to save others stranded by raging floodwaters.

“Northern Rivers and beyond had been hit by the worst floods in history. People have spent hours waiting on rooftops to be rescued,” Elsa wrote on Instagram.

“Thanks to all those who are able to help save people and animals stranded by the floodwaters, you are the real heroes.” (Credit: Instagram)

“Thanks to all those who are able to help save people and animals stranded by the floodwaters, you are the real heroes. So amazing to watch how everyone pulls together in a disaster and helps the community.”

She added: “Our hearts go out to those affected by the floods. Stay safe.”

Hordes of Australian celebrities have taken to their own social media accounts in recent days to spread awareness and raise money for victims of the floods, which so far has claimed the lives of eight people.

Comedian Celeste Barber revealed that her husband Api Robin and his friend ventured out on jet skis to evacuate stranded people from the northern rivers.

Bondi Vet star Chris Brown is encouraging Aussies to look out for wildlife in trouble. (Credit: Instagram)

“They went back out again today to do the same thing. They’ll go again tomorrow,” Celeste wrote alongside a photo of Api rescuing someone from a flooded home.

TV personality Deborah Hutton shared her thoughts for those impacted by the horror floods, writing: “My heart goes out to all those affected by this insane weather pattern and the record floods.”

Meanwhile, Bondi Vet star Dr Chris Brown encouraged Aussies to keep an eye out for displaced and injured wildlife.

“Try to remember that just because they live their lives outdoors doesn’t mean they’re equipped to handle extreme weather events like these. Most are poor swimmers and their fur and feathers quickly become waterlogged,” he shared.

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