Delta Goodrem unites fans in lockdown

Delta was born to be a Disney princess.
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Australia’s darling, Delta Goodrem, provided some light lockdown relief on Instagram last night.

WATCH BELOW: Delta Goodrem performs Disney hits in lockdown

Going live from her lounge room in Sydney, she performed the latest set of her ‘Bunkerdown’ series, which sees her performing a half-hour set for those who want to tune in.

Last night’s theme, the music of Disney, proved to us that the pop princess was actually born to be a Disney princess.

Swirling onto screen in a floor-length pink dress and a jeweled crown that she’d happened to find in her wardrobe, the singer treated her followers to a range of Disney’s greatest classics, accompanied by her partner Matthew Copley on piano.

Delta posted this cute snap of her younger self dressed as a Disney princess. (Credit: Instagram)

Fans were quick to show their appreciation, commenting live and sharing moments from their homes while they enjoyed the music.

In a clip from the live posted to Delta’s story, people sang their praises.

“HOW GOOD IS IT,” one fan wrote.

“Idina would be so proud of this performance,” another commented as Delta sang ‘Let It Go’, originally performed by Idina Menzel for the Disney film Frozen.

“If this is you with a tired voice … Geez girl. Talent!” a third person added.

Delta spreading good vibes. (Credit: Instagram)

She also re-posted a video from a parent, whose son performed an adorable dance to Let It Go as Delta belted it out.

The Bunkerdown Sessions began in Sydney’s first lockdown last year, and have started up again as they weather their second stint in lockdown.

She announced the return of the sessions in an Instagram post.

Delta’s ‘Bunkerdown Sessions’ are back in business. (Credit: Instagram)

“Hi all, it’s me the artist formerly known as Delta 🥴,” she wrote to open the post, referencing how the latest COVID strain is also named delta.

She will be continuing her Bunkerdown sessions for the duration of the lockdown, each one taking place on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.

It’s great to see the singer back on her feet, following her recent announcement that she had faced a series of medical struggles that really affected her voice.

WATCH BELOW: Delta Goodrem’s harrowing secret health battle. Post continues after video…

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In October 2018, she had her salivary gland removed, but complications following surgery led to the paralysis of a nerve in her tongue, meaning she had to re-learn how to speak and sing, a recovery process that took a year.

Although she believes her voice will never be quite back to how it was, she still sounds fantastic.

We can’t wait to see more of her Bunkerdown sessions!

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