It’s Aries season: 10 of our favourite Aries celebs

Aries are born between March 20 and April 19. Who are the most famous Aries celebrities?
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It’s Aries season! To celebrate, we’re rounding up some of our favourite Aries celebs to wish them a happy birthday season.

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Aries season runs from March 20 to April 19 – and, it turns out, some of our favourite celebs share this birthday season. 

Common traits of an Aries include: 

  • Passionate
  • High-energy
  • Confident
  • Impatient
  • First at everything 
  • Driven, and
  • Honest.

Hmm, it’s no wonder some top tier celebs fall within the Aries zodiac. Who are these talented Aries celebs?

Top 10 celebs that are Aries

Reese, like some of her most notable characters, appears to be full of Aries energy. (Credit: Getty)

Reese Witherspoon

Date of birth: 22 March, 1976

Profession: Actress, producer, entrepreneur

Most Aries Trait: High energy

Our Reese is always ahead of the curve and there’s no saying ‘no’ to this mega-talented star. 

She earned our love starring in some of the top films of the noughties, including Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions and Election. She then went on to win an Academy Award for her role as June Carter Cash in the 2005 Johnny Cash biopic, Walk The Line.

Since then, Reese has been a determined producer and activist within Hollywood, campaigning for more female-driven film and television productions.

Her production company, Hello Sunshine, has been behind some massive box office hits in recent years, including Gone Girl and Wild.

Hello Sunshine has also seen massive small screen success, including Big Little Lies, Morning Wars, Little Fires Everywhere and, most recently, Daisy Jones and the Six

Lady Gaga has been fearless in her performance style since she started. (Credit: Getty)

Lady Gaga

Date of birth: 28 March, 1986

Profession: Singer, actress, entrepreneur

Most Aries Trait: Fearlessness

Lady Gaga has been breaking barriers as a performer, style icon and activist since Just Dance launched her to mega stardom in 2008. Creatively and stylistically, Gaga is a ground-breaking influence in the music industry.

Gaga has been a strong advocate for the LGBTQI+ community and much of her persona and musical work is centred in queerness and activism. Gaga has also been an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, even sharing her own experiences with the public.

While best known as a popstar, Gaga is clearly talented in more ways than one. Fans are familiar with her work as an actress, particularly via her turn in the 2018 remake of A Star is Born

Mariah has been called a ‘diva’ but who said that’s a bad thing? (Credit: Getty)

Mariah Carey

Date of birth: March 27, 1969 

Profession: Singer/songwriter

Most Aries Trait: Confidence

Oh, to have this diva’s attitude! (And we use ‘diva’ in the most respectful of ways.)

For all the tabloid publicity surrounding Mariah Carey‘s personal life, many forget the singer’s many achievements as an artist.

Over her three-decade career, Carey has broken a number of records (including eight Guinness World Records). 

Mariah has the most Billboard Hot 100 number one singles by a solo artist and female songwriter, and she’s one of the highest selling artists of all time.

She is also a highly praised vocalist and possesses a coveted five-octave range. 

Is immortality an Aries trait? Paul Rudd would have you think it is. (Credit: Getty)

Paul Rudd

Date of birth:  6 April, 1969

Profession: Actor

Most Aries Trait: Optimistic

We don’t know if Paul Rudd is optimistic, but there’s no denying he has a joyous persona. He’s a man of broad appeal, to say the least.

Most of us first came across Rudd as the romantic interest in Clueless. He’s held our hearts across multiple comedic roles in Knocked Up, 40-year-old Virgin, Anchorman and I Love You, Man.

Fun fact: Rudd co-owns a sweet shop with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead)

Kate has undeniable Aries charisma and style. (Credit: Getty)

Kate Hudson

Date of birth: 19 April, 1979

Profession: Actress, entrepreneur

Most Aries Trait: Charisma

Kate Hudson has a lively and infectious energy that seems to permeate her roles. Just like her mum, Goldie Hawn, Hudson has charisma in spades.

Hudson earned a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for her breakthrough role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous, proving she’s had ‘it’ from the start.

Hudson has since dominated the rom-com genre with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars and more, but has also been busy carving a name for herself in athleisure wear with her business, Fabletics.

Fun fact: Kate is what astrology fans call “a cusper” – she is born on the cusp of two zodiac signs. Technically, she was born on the last day of Aries season.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries queen known for her work ethic. (Credit: Getty)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Date of birth: 25 March, 1965 

Profession: Actress, Producer

Most Aries Trait: Driven

Sarah Jessica Parker is known in the industry as being intelligent and hard working.

She often has multiple projects on the run at any given time, whether it’s collaborating with fashion houses, appearing as the face of half a dozen brands, creating her own brands, rocking red carpets and – of course – acting in both film and TV. 

Parker also her own production company, Pretty Matches, and publishing imprint, SJP Lit. 

Celine is a powerhouse – vocally and sartorially. (Credit: Getty)

Celine Dion

Date of birth: 30 March, 1968

Profession: Singer

Most Aries Trait: Unpredictable

Celine Dion has become a bit of a wild card in the eyes of fans. The self-assured singer pulls no punches in interviews and many have come to love her rather chaotic performing style.

There’s no denying that this Aries Queen – like others on this list (ahem, Mariah, Aretha) – is one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

This powerhouse is currently taking a rest while she moves through health issues, but you can expect to see her next move to be in film.

Celine appears in – and delivers the theme song to – the new Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan rom-com, Love Again.

Anya Taylor-Joy is giving Aries style icon. (Credit: Getty)

Anya Taylor-Joy

Date of birth: 16 April, 1996

Profession: Actress

Most Aries Trait: Confidence

With presence and poise like this, it’s hard to believe Anya Taylor-Joy is not yet 30.

This talent has enjoyed a speedy rise to fame, racking up award noms and critical praise for leading roles in Emma, The Queen’s Gambit and Peaky Blinders.

Taylor-Joy has proved she can hold her own on a red carpet as well as on-screen. Thanks largely to the styling of Law Roach (who also famously styled fellow Aries celeb, Celine Dion), Anya quickly became adored for her style and was announced the face of Dior in 2021.

Aretha Franklin is the original Soul Queen and Aries Queen. (Credit: Getty)

Aretha Franklin

Date of birth: 25 March, 1942

Profession: Singer

Most Aries Trait: Being the OG

This list is full of musical power, but there is nobody more iconic than the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin.

Franklin was renowned for her powerful vocals and her hits, like Respect and (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman, have become anthems of both civil rights and gender equality.

Franklin was involved in US civil rights movements in the seventies, and advocated for the rights and freedoms of black and native Americans.

Not only is Aretha frequently mentioned on various Greatest of All Time lists, she’s won a tonne of awards for music and cultural services, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.

Elton has Aries generosity and spirit. (Credit: Getty)

Elton John

Date of birth: 25 March, 1947

Profession: Singer, musician, composer

Most Aries Trait: Boldness

Artist, philanthropist, music legend and co-creator of The Lion King soundtrack – we have a lot to thank Sir Elton John for.

He’s one of the most prolific hit makers of the 20th century, creating some of the biggest pop classics in history. From his music to his style and his political outspokenness, Elton is nothing if not bold.

John, who first came out as bisexual in 1976 before stating in 1992 he was “quite comfortable being gay”. He’s since been a leading advocate for gay marriage and rights internationally. He’s been involved in AIDS philanthropy sinTce the eighties, even setting up his own foundation. 

John has enjoyed a consistently prosperous career, starting in the sixties and remaining popular to this day. Elton remains invested and interested in contemporary pop music, recently collaborating with Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa and Lil Nas X.

Our favourite Aries celebs, honourable mentions:

There are so many celebs born in March and April that we needed to add a few honourable mentions to our top 10 list:

Diana Ross, Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Kristen Stewart, Eddie Murphy, Keira Knightley, Saoirse Ronan, Jessica Chastain and Kourtney Kardashian.

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