Lisa McCune News & FAQs: How Well Do You Know Her?

Everything you need to know about the Blue Heelers actress and her carer, love life and family
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As Blue Heelers‘ Maggie Doyle, Lisa McCune became the darling of Australian movies and TV shows before branching out into an equally successful theatre career with The Sound of Music.  But when photos of her surfaced with Teddy Tahu Rhodes, a man who was not her husband Tim Disney, McCune’s golden girl status was tarnished. Now, six years later, while her marital status is unclear, her devotion to her children and her career professionalism has never been in doubt. She currently co-stars with good mate Peter Helliar in Ten’s How to Stay Married.

How old is Lisa McCune?

According to IMDB, McCune was born on 19 Feb., 1971, which gives her an age of 47 years. She was raised in Perth—her parents divorced in 1992—and she studied at WAAPA. She has a younger brother, Brett McCune, who was an AFL player.

“Family is really important to me. One day I’ll have my own, although that definitely won’t be soon, since I’m only 23,” she told TV Week in 1994. “And I’d like to be a working mum. I don’t think I could ever give up this work (acting), but there will come a time when it isn’t my major priority.”

Lisa McCune height
Lisa McCune at the 2010 Logie Awards (Credit: Getty Images)

How tall is Lisa McCune?

Celeb Heights lists her height as being 167.6 cm (5 ft 6).

Lisa McCune on Rake
Lisa McCune on Rake (Credit: ABC TV)

Has Lisa McCune ever posed nude or topless?

Yes, she has, in her professional work.

McCune was last seen naked eight years ago at the age of 39 doing sex scenes in the ABC TV Show Rake (2010). “When (the show’s co-creator) Peter Duncan rang me about the role and said there was a bit of nudity in it, I wasn’t concerned about that really,” she told News.com. “I was just thrilled to be counted in that company of actors.”

Her first nude pictures are from a movie Hell Has Harbour Views (2005) when she was 33 years old, which also happens to be written and directed by Duncan.

Lisa McCune and Tim Disney
Lisa McCune with husband Tim Disney in 2006 (Credit: Getty Images)

Is Lisa McCune married?

There is a question as to whether McCune is married. In 2000, in the week her final episode as Maggie Doyle went to air, there was a wedding to Tim Disney, who she met on the set of Blue Heelersat Mietta’s hotel in Queenscliff. A media scuffle for pictures took place and co-star John Wood read poetry.

But by 2012, McCune was seen without her wedding ring, together with Disney, in what seems an amicable separation. Whether she has actually obtained a divorce from him or not has never been clarified. When asked by Women’s Weekly this year if she would consider marriage again, she said, “Hopefully I will on television again. But other than that, no, I don’t think so.”

“For me personally, I have always been open and happy to talk about my babies when they were born and my marriage, and then I hit a speed bump,” McCune has said of previously being open about her relationships. “I went, ‘All of a sudden, this is not coming out in a positive way,’ and I rethought it.”

“I’m not making any reference to my life because nobody knows what’s going on, outside me and my family,” she said.

In 2002, she said about Disney, “Tim really is a brilliant husband and father. He’s staying at home taking care of Archer while I’m working … Later on, I’ll stop working when he has a new project.”

Lisa McCune and Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Lisa McCune with Teddy Tahu Rhodes in South Pacific (Credit: Getty Images)

Did Lisa McCune’s have an affair?

In 2012, while appearing together in the stage musical South Pacific, McCune was snapped in a passionate embrace with opera singer Teddy Tahu Rhodes, who was also married—to opera singer Isabel Leonard. Reports at the time stated she may have been separated from Disney but had not definitively ended the marriage. As for Disney, “He hasn’t issued any ultimatums to her,” a source said.

McCune and Rhodes did go on to be seen as a couple together, including at the 2012 Helpmann Awards, and she did appear together with Rhodes in a second musical, The King and I, in 2014.  For several years the press referred to Rhodes as McCune’s partner.

“I don’t have regrets, I really try to live by that mantra of not regretting anything,” McCune told WHO in 2012 after the furore.

It’s not clear when the affair ended, but in 2015 Rhodes said, “we’re very good friends.”

Lisa McCune with Teddy Tahu Rhodes at the 2012 Helpmann Awards
Lisa McCune with Teddy Tahu Rhodes at the 2012 Helpmann Awards (Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Lisa McCune currently dating?

A June Women’s Weekly article describes her as “happily single” and quotes her as saying, “I’m braver now than I’ve ever been. I feel like I own my space now, I have three kids who are terrific and I’m comfortable in my choices and decisions. I’m in a great place.”

Who has Lisa McCune dated in the past?

In a 1994 TV Week article, McCune stated there were no Blue Heelers onset romances: “We’re a non-sexual cast!” but it did go on to detail how the long hours filming the show meant she didn’t see much of then boyfriend, muso Jamie Osborne, even though they lived together.

“I don’t mind not going to see Jamie play all the time anyway, because I don’t want to be a band moll,” she says of Osborne who played in covers band Woodstock. “I couldn’t bear to have people saying to him, ‘Your girlfriend’s so paranoid you’re going to meet other women that she has to turn up every night’.

Lisa McCune with daughter Remy Disney
Lisa McCune with daughter Remy Disney (Credit: Getty Images)

How many kids does Lisa McCune have?

McCune has three children with Tim Disney: she had son Archer (17 years old – born 31 May, 2001) when she was 30, then Oliver (15 years old – November 2003) and daughter Remy Elise (13 years old – June 15, 2005)—who, judging by Uncle Brett’s Instagram, is following in her mum’s showbiz footsteps, ruby shoe-clad and all. “Shoes ready, my niece playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in the school show in 2 weeks, 28 years since her mum played the role,” the post states.

(Wikipedia says McCune’s Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was her first stage performance at age 15.) 

Meanwhile McCune has said to the Daily Telegraph of having more children, “I think I’d still be going if I’d started earlier. It’s addictive.”

What is Lisa McCune’s net worth?

We have not been able to find any information on McCune’s net worth but the Women’s Weekly suggests she was the highest paid Australian female actress on TV when filming Blue Heelers, earning $15,000 an episode and that her advertising gig for Coles garnered her $500,000 a year.

Has Lisa McCune ever had a leaked sex tape scandal?

Not one that we could find. But her then-partner Teddy Tahu Rhodes was caught up in a sex-tape scandal in mid-2014, while McCune was promoting the stage musical The King and I.

Rhodes, admitting that the footage was of him filmed years prior to his relationship with McCune, claimed “It certainly didn’t come from me is all I can say,” while McCune responded, “It’s not even worth talking about, it is such baloney and I’m just going to move through it.”

Lisa McCune with Hugo Weaving at the 2005 Little Fish world premiere
Lisa McCune with Hugo Weaving at the 2005 Little Fish world premiere (Credit: Getty Images)

What movies has Lisa McCune been in?

Have a look at Lisa’s complete filmography here:

  • Turn it Up, 1991, as Lynette (TV movie)
  • Body Melt, 1993, as Cheryl Rand
  • The Inner Sanctuary, 1996, as Felicity
  • Hell Has Harbour Views, 2005, as Caroline Ashton (TV movie)
  • Little Fish, 2005, as Laura
  • One of the Lucky Ones, 2007, Wendy (voice) (TV Movie)
  • Blood Brothers, 2011, as Margaret Kennedy (TV movie)
  • The Little Death, 2014, as Maureen
Lisa McCune in How to Stay Married
Lisa McCune in How to Stay Married (Credit: Network Ten)

What TV Shows has Lisa McCune appeared in?

  • Fast Forward, 1992, additional cast
  • F.D.S., 1993, Jane
  • The Potato Factory, 2000, Mary Abacus (TV mini-series)
  • Marshall Law, 2002, Rose Marshall
  • Blue Heelers, 1994-2004, Margaret ‘Maggie’ Doyle
  • MDA, 2005, Dr. Liz Gibson
  • Two Twisted, 2006, Fiona Wells
  • Tripping Over, 2006, Annabel
  • Rake, 2010, Lucy Marx
  • Sea Patrol, 2007-2011, Lieutenant Kate McGregor
  • Reef Doctors, 2013, Dr. Sam Stewart
  • It’s a Date, 2013-2014, Em
  • The Divorce, 2015, Louise
  • The Warriors, 2017, Deb
  • The Ex-PM, 2017, Lorelei Baggins
  • How to Stay Married, 2018, Em Butler
Lisa McCune Logie
Lisa McCune at the 2000 Logies (Credit: Getty Images)

2014  many Gold logies has Lisa McCune won?

McCune won four gold Logies for Most Notable TV Personality, every year from 1997 to 2000. She also has six silver Logies.

 “If I haven’t been home in a while, I count them, to check nobody’s nicked one,” McCune tells the Daily Telegraph. “A Logie is a big acknowledgement that an audience is on-side. They’ve meant I’ve stayed employed.”

Lisa McCune in The King and I
Lisa McCune at a 2014 media call for The King and I (Credit: Getty Images)

Has Lisa McCune appeared in any musicals?

Yes. McCune, who graduated from WAAPA with a degree in musical theatre, has appeared as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Hope Cladwell in Urinetown, Olive Ostrovsky in The 25thAnnual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and has starred in The Wizard of OzSouth Pacific, The Sound of Music and The King and I.

“Theatre is such a different discipline,” she said to the Daily Telegraph. “Sustaining a performance for three hours on stage is like a freight train that doesn’t stop. It’s scary, but I love it.”

Hopscotch and Honey Joys by Lisa McCune
Lisa McCune’s cookbook: Hopscotch and Honey Joys (Credit: Allen & Unwin)

Has Lisa McCune written a cookbook?

Yes, in 2011, together with her friend Di Thomas, McCune put together Hopscotch and Honey Joys: Food for Your Family and Friends (Allen & Unwin, $39.99), a collection of her healthiest family-friendly recipes.

“I love doing different things,” she says. “I never want to stop learning.”

Is Lisa McCune on Instagram?

Not that we could find. 

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