Locky Gilbert shuts down haters from hotel quarantine

The Bachelor and his new girlfriend are nearly ready to return to society in Perth.
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Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska are all loved-up as they spend their mandatory two weeks in hotel quarantine, but have been forced to defend themselves once more on social media.

WATCH BELOW: Locky and Irena announce their new life together

On Sunday night, the former Survivor star, 31, shared a photo of himself and his new girlfriend from their serviced apartment.

Sitting on their couch and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, Locky and Irena, also 31, appear to be enjoying another of Irena’s home-cooked meals.

“Isolation date night with this one,” Locky captioned his photo.

However, the post was met with a few comments that the couple have faced before, namely that due to their professional looking photos that there’s another person in their room where the couple are meant to be in total isolation.

Locky and Irena seem to be loving spending time together in hotel quarantine. (Credit: Instagram)

One follower cheekily commented on the post “With a film crew,” but Locky put the rumours to rest.

Replying to the comment, Locky clapped back “na just a tripod” tagging company Leederville Cameras in the message.

Fans also leaped to defend the couple with their own comments, especially since Locky has explained his self-timing camera and tripod situation in previous posts.

“Gosh how many times does the poor man have to explain the fact he has a tripod,” one penned.

“I wish people would stop accusing them of having a ‘film crew’ in their room. They are in ISOLATION. No one is allowed in their apartment for 14 days. No one. It’s just an amazing tripod + camera! Thank you. Rant over,” another vented.

Don’t worry, no one else is in their room! (Credit: Instagram)

Irena shared her own loved-up snap from their iso date night to her Instagram account and revealed that things are going great between her and Locky. 

“My love for you keeps growing…even being stuck in a hotel isn’t so bad as long as I have you next to me #isodatenight,” she sweetly captioned a photo of the pair kissing.

The nurse and Bachelor winner also shared an “Iso date night ready” selfie that showed off the stunning ring that Locky gifted to her during the epic finale.

Irena’s custom-made commitment ring is estimated to be worth around $30,000 and is set with a striking 6.14ct pear shape purple Tanzanite gemstone accentuated by two marquise diamonds and two pear cut diamonds.

Locky helped to design the stunning ring he gave Irena during the Bachelor finale. (Credit: Instagram)

As the couple approach the end of their hotel quarantine stint, they are preparing to settle into their new hometown of Perth.

Melbourne-based Irena made the decision to move to Locky’s hometown ahead of the Bachelor finale as she was keen to move out of the Victoria capital.

“If Irena doesn’t like it and misses Melbourne I’ll be happy to head to Melbourne after COVID’s gone and try it there. But she’s going to fall in love with Perth, everyone that moves there ends up staying,” Locky explained.

Irena added: “I’ve got a few friends over there already so that makes it easier and I’ve found work. I think it will be a real easy and smooth transition.”

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