Who’s cheating on who? An update on the Love Island drama

It’s a free-for-all in the Love Island Villa
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The Casa Amor bombs have exploded Love Island this week, with new names and new couples popping up across the Villa.

WATCH BELOW: Love Island Australia: Casa Amor is here

While three original couples – Jess and Aaron, Tina and Mitch, and Zoe and Chris – resolved to stay true to one another, the arrival of new people proved to be too much for some others.

We’ve seen cheating – and retaliatory cheating – unfold across our screens for the last three nights, and with eleven new faces, it’s definitely a confusing time.

Here’s all the Casa Amor goss you need to be across!

The OG girls got to know the boy bombs tonight. (Credit: Nine)

Ryan’s head turned

It was difficult to watch Lexy claim she felt she had nothing to worry about while the girls were away at Casa Amor, and that she believed Ryan was genuine and wouldn’t abandon their connection.

New girl Tayla caught Ryan’s eye instantly, but before they developed a connection, he also kissed a number of the other new girls as well.

He eventually decided he was keen to pursue Tayla, finding her to be a ‘more mature’ version of Lexy. Ouch.

Lexy was comforted by the other girls after Ryan took up with Tayla. (Credit: Nine)

Lexy was played the footage of Ryan’s antics the next day at Casa Amor and, unsurprisingly, she broke down.

“I honestly thought I knew Ryan,” she admitted in a confessional.

“And then I saw that, and it’s not the guy that I know, it’s not the Ryan I know.”

Ryan has maintained that he’s on the show for himself, and it seems like he’ll be sticking with Tayla for now.

However, not all is lost. With the girls returning to the villa tonight, it seems Lexy’s had her head turned by Ben, who showered her with compliments upon arrival.

However, she did admit to Jess she felt a level of guilt for moving on from Ryan so quickly. We say get it, girl!

Lexy with new boy Ben. (Credit: Nine)

Nic is confused

Nic kissed pretty much all of the new girls, and powered through chats with them in the hope of finding the one he liked best.

He settled on Brianna, even giving them a couple name, ‘Bric’.

However, he had some doubts tonight.

“Not knowing is getting me so uneasy. If this is what the girls done, we don’t know what’s to come but I’m of the opinion that we saw everything we’ve done. I’ve just dug myself a grave.”

Nic getting to know the new girls. (Credit: Nine)

“I went through my phone, and I saw some photos of me and Courtney, and I was like ‘oh wow’, and it got my stomach feeling all weird.”

But Courtney is having none of it and was done as soon as she saw the antics back at the Villa.

“Am I surprised? No. Do I think he’s a pig? Yes. Does he get a second chance? No. Next. F*** off,” Courtney said in a confessional.

And tonight? She’s kissing Shayne, she’s kissing Noah, and we love it!

Taku is somehow STILL struggling to find love. (Credit: Nine)

Taku is still struggling to find love

Disappointingly, Casa Amor was not a success for Taku.

While he struck up connections with Michela and Aisha, none really seemed to take off.

After sharing a bed with Michela, he decided his connection with Aisha was stronger, and ended whatever it was he had with Michela in order to get to know her.

However, Aisha wavered a little, and things between them ended right before he left for Casa Amor.

The boys still love Taku though. (Credit: Nine)

“I really can’t force anyone to feel anything, you know, and I guess it’s just back to the drawing board. I really don’t know right now,” Taku told the camera.

“Is there something wrong with me?” he asked the other guys, to a resounding ‘no!’.

“Hearing that stuff really isn’t reassuring, and I’ve been knocked back so many times now, I feel kind of stupid,” he admitted.

We’re still here for Taku, though! Don’t give up Taku!

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